Top 10 UK Activities To Do With Your Grandchildren

Whether you are a British national and have not seen the old country in decades, or you want to see an interesting area of the world, United Kingdom activities can be fun for you and your grandchildren. Many of the activities are educational or give you and your grandchildren insight into the historical and cultural growth into one of the most important countries in the world.

-Tours of London

Everything from the medieval sections to the city to the modern business and cultural districts are a lot to handle and to walk through. You and the grandkids can take easy bus tours across the city of London that will both educate and thrill the kids about this great, major city of the world.

-Talyllyn Railway
Edward Thomas
The Talyllyn Railway is an old steam engine based railway that takes passengers across the beautiful Welsh countryside.
York Castle Museum
The York Castle Museum features actors who act out Victorian and Edwardian lifestyles to the guests, with authentic display rooms with real life artefacts from between the 1830s to 1910s.
-Hadrian’s Wall
This wall was constructed by the Romans in 122 AD and has the best-preserved Roman-British artefacts and archaeological remains in all of the United Kingdom.

-Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

This Halifax museum contains over 100 plus exhibits in this museum for children ages 0 to 11, many of them hands-on exhibits. There is also an outdoor sandpit for playful fun in the sand.
One of the most iconic images in the United Kingdom, the encircled megaliths are ancient artefacts of the Druids, a priestly caste within the Celtic people that inhabited Britain during the Bronze Age.
-Giant’s Causeway
This natural formation off the coast of Northern Ireland are volcanic basalt rock formations, some that are 40 feet high. Not only are these objects a sight to gaze upon, but the cliffs spawned many Celtic legends about giants who would walk through these cliffs.
-Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary
One of the major sea sanctuaries in the United Kingdom, this Norfolk institution has marine life of all shapes and sizes. There are also exhibits where marine biologists will teach the children, in detail, all aspects of marine life.

-Canterbury Cathedral
Anglicanism is rooted within English identity and Canterbury Cathedral is the holy centre of the faith. The Canterbury Cathedral is the centrepiece to the classic literature work The Canterbury Tales. The Church of England and the Anglican Communion are based at this gothic chapel, which is the oldest surviving Christian church in all of England.

-The Big Sheep
This farming location in North Devon is dedicated to teaching tourists about the history of sheep farming in Britain. This attraction will give real life demonstrations of how collies are used to herd sheep, especially in medieval times in Britain. Little attractions like tractor rides

These great activities with grandkids are both educational and fun. Some of the United Kingdom’s wonders will inspire gazes by your grandkids, while others will put a smile on their faces. Either way, the United Kingdom contains a rich amount of historical and entertaining activities for the whole family.

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