Tackling Your Baby Shopping List Before Delivery

Baby's Shopping List

You would need to get prepared for the coming of your new family member. There is a lot to think about and you might want to know where to start. Also, keep in mind that you will receive lots of gifts and that it won’t be useful to have some items in double. Let’s do then 2 baby shopping lists, the first is what you might buy on your own and the second is what it will be nice to receive as a gift. Keep these lists open and flexible. Your family might surprise you or you might fall in love with a cute baby thing that you can’t help yourself from buying.

Download the PDF format, you will have your lists on paper, cross check what you buy and what you receive and you will have room to change and add items as things evolve.

Furniture and equipment

The baby crib: Still if Grandma & Grandpa would like to get it for you, please don’t prevent them from having the joy of doing it. This is probably your most expensive item on your baby shopping list and you still have lots of things to take care of.

Make sure to choose a safe crib, minimum 2.5 inches space between slats and at least 26 inches from top to bottom so your baby has room to grow. If you can afford it, choose a convertible crib that can last until your baby becomes a teen.

The Changing table: It’s a part of the bedroom set. It should match the crib and ideally who gets the crib should get it too. Choose a changing table that you can keep as a dresser once your baby grows up.

The baby Mattress: Choose a firm mattress no more than 6 inches deep. Make sure that if fits in the crib by leaving no more than an inch room from the frame. Even if you will receive the crib as a gift, you may have to buy the mattress as they don’t necessarily come together.

A rocker: It is not a necessary item for your baby shopping list but nice to have if you can afford it. It can be very convenient when you’re feeding your baby. Try to get one that matches the room set but if someone can pass it on to you, it’s even better.

Crib Linens: Leave those in your own list as you would like them to fit with the room colors and accessories. Usually two sets will be enough as it only lasts a couple of years. However, if you can afford it, a third set might be useful too.

The baby carriage, stroller and the car seat: It’s a good idea to leave these in your list as you will find all kinds of colors out there and you would like to choose them. You can buy them separately but it’s much cuter when it is a full set that matches. Also, when you buy the full set, you will appreciate to have the car seat that fits in the stroller, it’s so convenient.
When you shop for these items, keep in mind that safety is critical. You will find all kind of brands in the market, they’re not the same and they don’t all offer the same security standards. You should be very careful if you decide to chose the cheapest brands as they might not be the safest. Also, over a certain price you’re not necessarily paying to improve your baby’s safety. Investigate well before making your choice, it’s worth it.

A Baby carrier or sling: Talk to your doctor, as with some back conditions, it might not be recommended to carry your baby in a sling. Again, safety and comfort for you and your baby are the two criteria that you need to base your choice on. Keep in mind that a sling is not an item that you will keep for a long time, so if anyone of your family and friends has it and don’t need it, don’t be shy to borrow it. You can also buy a used one that is obviously in a good condition. If you decide to include the sling in your gift list be precise about the model and the brand that you chose as it has to be comfortable for you.


Don’t buy new born sizes as babies grow extremely fast. Buy more sizes from 3 to 6 months and don’t forget to wash them before using them.
• 2-4 bibs
• 6-8 body suits
• Diapers: new born size
• 6-8 sleepers
• 6-8 pairs of socks
• 2-3 pairs of footed sleepers
• 2-4 hats
• 2 Receiving blanket

Winter specific
• 1-2 sweaters
• 1-2 hats
• Mittens
• 2 warm blankets

Summer specific
• Sunbonnet
• 1 light blanket
• 1 bathing suit

• Baby soap
• Baby Shampoo
• Baby soap
• Baby bottles
• Baby dining set: plats, bowls and spoons
• Swabs
• Diaper rush cream
• Washcloths
• Diaper bag
• Diaper wipes
• Baby nail clippers
• Thermometer

• A high chair

• A swing
• Snowsuit or car seat cover, if it is winter.
• 1-2 Tops
• 1-2 Pants
• Baby shoes
• If it is a baby girl: 1-2 dresses
• Baby’s photo album
• Baby gym
• Baby monitor
• Sterilizer for baby bottles
• Mobile crib toy