How to dress when pregnant : Third trimester

Up until now, you may have been able to get away with wearing “regular” clothes for the most part. Perhaps you had to go up a size or two, but you likely weren’t spending too much time in the maternity section. Now, though, when thinking about how to dress when pregnant in the third trimester, it’s time to face the fact that you’re heading for that section for at least a couple more months! Maternity clothes often just plain fit better, and they typically offer more support to your growing belly. Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune or buy a ton of clothes to look good throughout the rest of your pregnancy! These tips on how to dress when pregnant in the third trimester will help you choose the best options for maximum comfort and budget-stretching.

How To Dress When Pregnant in the Third trimester: Time for maternity clothes

The essentials are:
  • A pair of casual maternity pants (with a waist band),
  • A skirt,
  • A jacket (if you have to stick to a strict dressing code at work),
  • A dress,
  • A tunic top
  • And a couple of loose shirts.

The beauty of these items is that you can combine them in many different outfits. For example, you can mix the jacket with the dress, skirt, etc. You can wear layers but be careful since many pregnant women experience hot flashes. See how we mixed them in this article 12 Fabulous Fall Maternity Fashions For Stylish Mamas or this Boho Pregnancy Fashions For the Hip Mama-to-Be.

The size:

You should purchase the same size in your pre-pregnancy. Maternity clothes are designed according to the pre-pregnancy sizes with adjustments around the belly.
Do not forget the maternity bras. Some women find that their normal size and style of bra fits, until they are about six months pregnant, others need a larger size well before then. If your breast becomes very large you may be more comfortable wearing, a lightweight cotton bra when you sleep as well.

Where to buy:

You can buy from second hand or thrift store. Since maternity clothing is only worn in the last trimester, it’s good to pass it around. And chances are you have some friends who were pregnant and are willing to share with you their pregnancy clothing. Consignment shops and online auction sites are worth the try too.

Maternity clothing stores can be worth the visit too. They are more expensive but it could be worth it for a good pant that you will wear for a couple of months.

Buy clothing that can be worn, while you are breast feeding, in this way you will get a couple more months to wear them, while you are getting back to your prenatal counters. Check the 5 Best Places to Buy Used Maternity Clothes