Tips On Getting Pregnant

9 Tips to help you conveive Trying to get pregnant can be an overwhelming process that triggers feelings of sadness, anger, guilt and frustration. The following tips can help you cope with these emotions and increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Tips on getting pregnant

Stop birth control pills

It might seem obvious, but it’s the first thing to do as it can take a certain time before you start having a regular menstrual cycle again.
Keep a healthy lifestyle
A healthy diet and an overall healthy lifestyle are crucial to your reproductive health and your chances of getting pregnant.  A diet full of nutritious food, such as lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole wheat products, is important to maintain your reproductive health. Your body is in crucial need of these important nutrients and vitamins that such a diet will provide. Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight will also increase your odds of getting pregnant. For more information

Take Vitamins

As you start planning for a baby, you should take folic acid. It’s a vitamin that reduces the risk of some serious diseases affecting the spinal cord and the brain.
Stop smoking
Smoking increases the risks of miscarriage and can lead to premature birth as well as low birth weight babies. So it is the time to quit.
You are only fertile for few days during each menstrual cycle. Working out during these days will help to increase your odds of getting pregnant. You can buy an ovulation kit that will pinpoint your most fertile days. For more information

Partner’s help
Tight underwear, hot baths and showers can cause low sperm count. Your partner can help by avoiding these things to increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Be patient
You have about 25% chances of getting pregnant each month so that it could take a few months. If you have been trying for about six months and still have not conceived then, you should consider seeing your doctor. For more information
Stress free
Trying to conceive can be very stressful. So don’t get obsessed with conceiving, stay relax and focus only on enjoying the pleasant side of it. Exercising can help releasing some stress-relieving hormones and keep you calm.