Growth patterns in Children with Handy PDF Guide


Some children are taller, heavier, others are shorter, lighter. Although children may be different in size and height, they follow a certain pattern and a certain growth chart. These growth patterns or charts help parents and pediatricians show if the child grows in a healthy way. Breast fed babies grow gain weight on a different rate than formula fed babies. Breast fed babies grow faster from 0 to 3 months whereas formula fed babies grow faster from 3 to 6 months.If you have any concerns, please contact your caregiver before taking any actions. All children have their own natural growth patterns. The chart below gives you a hint about the growth pattern of your child. It may also help to chart your child’s growth in their keepsake baby book so you can see how they’ve grown over time. Plus is makes a nice memento!

Growth patterns guidelines


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1-3 months

Average height (in): 20-28 in.
Length growth: 0.98 in per month
Average weight: 8.8-18 lb
Weight gain: 2 lb per month

4-6 months
Average height (in): 28 – 30 in
Length growth: 0.51 in per month
Average weight: double birth weight
Weight gain: 1 lb per month

7-12 months
Average height (in): approx. 1.5 times birth length by first birthday
Average weight: Nearly triple the birth weight by first birthday
Weight gain: 1/2 lb per month

12-24 months
Average height (in) : 31-35 in
Length growth: 2.0 – 3.1 in per year
Average weight: 20-29 lb
Weight gain: 0.3-0.5 lb per month

2 years
Average height (in): 33-37 in
Length growth: 2.8 – 5.1 in per year
Average weight: about 4 times birth weight
Weight gain: 2.2 lb per year

3 years
Average height (in): 37-39 in
Length growth: 2.0 – 3.1 in per year
Average weight: 29-37 lb
Weight gain: 3- 5.07 lb per year
Keep in mind that growth patterns can change throughout your child’s life. Just because your baby starts out on the smaller side doesn’t mean he’s always going to be smaller than his friends. Likewise, a plump baby does not mean that your child is destined to suffer from childhood obesity.While some studies do indicate that childhood obesity can be predicted at birth, nothing is set in stone.