Developmental Milestones in Children


Some children start walking around 10 months, others around 12 months. Some children say their first words at 12 months others at 13 months. Each child develops in a different way but all children learn their skills during predictable time periods. It is called: Developmental milestone : a child acquires a skill within a specific time frame. Developmental milestones develop in a sequential fashion. A child’s skills develop in an order and build upon each other. If a stage is missed or delayed, the higher skill level will be delayed. For example, a child crawls and pull up to a standing position before walking.It is important to know these time periods or windows in order to assess if your child grows in a steady and healthy way. If you have any question or concern, do not hesitate to contact your doctor or care provider.Children develop skills in five main areas:

Common Developmental Milestones in Children

Gross motor skills
The ability to use large muscles in order to move the whole body, arms and legs. It includes running, jumping, walking and balance.

Fine motor skills

It is the ability to use small muscles enabling us to use our fingers, hands and arms. It includes reaching, grasping, using crayons and scissors.

Communication and language
It is the ability to understand and use language

Understanding (Cognitive development)
It is the learning and solving problems skill.

Relationships (social and emotional developmental milestones)
It is the interaction with others, helping themselves and self control.

The pages below give a description of the types of skills children learn at different ages.
Remember that the ages we use are only approximate. Children develop at their individual pace and may learn new skills sooner or later than expected.