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As a college student, I have to make sure I am extremely organized. Between classes, taking care of my infant daughter, my home, and studying, things can become disorganized and clustered fairly quick! I am always on the lookout for simple products that will make my life easier, even the tiniest bit. I find myself carrying a ton of items around on a daily basis and keeping track of everything is very important to me.

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I also like to remain fashionable. As a young mother, it is important to me that I maintain my own identity as a woman. I’ve always been a purse-type of girl. I don’t discriminate; I love them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. Price is also an important factor to me. I look for that great deal and will shop around for weeks before I purchase a new bag.
Purse to Go Organizer Review
I was thrilled to receive the Purse to Go Organizer Pockets Plus in exchange for an honest review. I had never heard of the company who makes these products, which meant double the excitement for me. I selected the Purse to Go Organizer Pockets Plus, size large. It was so hard to choose between Purse Bling’s wide assortment of color options, but I settled on the bohemian pattern that incorporated my ultimate favorite color, Groovy Purple!When it arrived in the mail, I put it to good use right way. I selected one of my favorite handbags and began to stuff the purse organizer with all of my daily essentials I can’t live without. One thing I noticed right off the bat was that the Purse to Go Organizer not only matched my handbag perfectly, but it has an amazing amount of pockets. Most regular handbags only have a couple of pockets that are not fully- functional or practical. I tend to just dump all of my things into the largest pocket, causing me to have to dump it all back out when I have to find something. In the purse organizer, there is literally a spot for anything and everything. I love how there are special places for small notepads and pens, as well as spots for a cell phone or an iPod. My phone always gets scratches from other items I place in my bag, so I was glad to know that my phone won’t receive any more damage.
Purse To Go Empty
Once I had the Purse to Go Organizer filled, it easily fit into my handbag. I noticed it also gave my handbag more structure and it became sturdy. This purse organizer is great for giving a less structured bag some shape. I also tested the product out in my center console in my vehicle, which worked perfectly. No more messy console for me!
Purse to Go in Use
If I had any positive recommendations, I would ask for a zipper closure. By having a zipper closure on the purse organizer, I would feel more comfortable carrying this item as a stand-alone product. I think that for a person who travels and likes to carry cosmetics, this organizer would also make a great, organized, travel cosmetic bag if a zipper closure was used.Another nifty benefit that sets this purse organizer apart from similar products is the fact that if you want, you can turn the organizer inside out. It is so convenient sometimes to have pockets on the outside for easy access depending on its use. The way I look at it, it’s like getting two products for one low price.Purse Bling offers a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from to suit everyone’s taste. I plan on giving a few of these as presents in the upcoming holiday season. Even a college student/new mom like me can afford these awesome purse organizers. Want to know something else pretty cool? Purse Bling is offering Our Family World readers a 10% off discount on all of the items in your shopping cart by using the code, OFW, at checkout! What a great way to save some money on an already, affordable item for yourself or as a gift!

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Amanda W. is a newlywed living on a huge old farm in Pennsylvania. Out of high school, she spent a few years living in New York City working as a make-up artist for one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Feeling burnt out from the daily hustle in the city, she moved back home, met her husband and decided to go back to college for a degree in Travel & Tourism and Marketing.

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