Book Review: In The Belly Of Jonah

Title: In the Belly of Jonah: A Liv Bergen MysteryLiterature & Fiction Books)
Author: Sandra Brannan
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press
ISBN-10: 1608320502

My Review

This book hooked me from page one. Sandra Brannan had me in the mind of a serial killer, yet I had no idea who he was! This fast paced mystery could seriously be a hit movie.

In The Belly of Jonah is the first in a new series of murder mysteries that pulls us into the life of Liv, a strong woman who runs a mining company. Liv is a people pleaser, but she’s also very strong willed, smart, and likeable. You wish she was real so you could hang out with her. She is thrown into an FBI murder investigation when one of her employees is murdered. She finds herself becoming part of the investigation, which will change her life forever. I read a lot of books and I have to say this was by far the best novel I have read this year.

I grew to know and love Jill, who was the victim. I wanted her murderer caught just as much as Liv did. Sandra Brennan effectively portrayed Jill as the girl next door, which made me want justice for her even more. It’s not often I grow and emotional connection to the victim in a book. It’s not easy to bond with a dead character, but I did.

The book draws in the reader and keeps them turning the pages by taking the reader along for the ride with a realistic plot. The author keeps the readers attention by offering nonstop action and clues that make you feel involved in the case.

All the characters are well written and memorable, from the main characters to the minor ones. Sandra Brannan makes the reader a part of each character, in a way only a talented writer can do. I could feel the killer’s madness, I wanted to ease the pain of the FBI agents, and I wanted to hang out with Liv’s employees.

The scenes and descriptions are perfect. There were a few times I wanted to yell run, or look behind you as if I was lost in a great movie. I could feel the blasts at the quarry, hear and see the sirens of the police cars, and even though I didn’t want to I could see the crime scene. Clues are laid out in a way the reader figures out who the killer is as Liv does. There is no way to figure it out until the author wants you to until toward the end.

There are quite a few graphic murder scenes, but the author does not go overboard on gore. She tells just the right amount that is necessary to the plot. In fact she doesn’t give away too much of anything, which is what made this a spectacular murder mystery. Sandra Brannan found the right balance of details and descriptions to not turn the reader off, but to draw them in.

Though these books have biblical titles, they are not “Christian books”. There are some biblical references, but they are vital to the story. With that said I have to add this book would also be enjoyable for Christian readers.

I would recommend this book to anyone even those who are not the biggest fans of mystery novels. This is not my favorite genre, but Sandra Brannan made me love her mystery Isn the Belly of Jonah. I can’t wait to read the next in the seriesLot’s Return toSodom. I know we’ll be hearing great things about the author, Sandra Brannan in the future.

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