Book Review: Go The F**k to sleep

Go the Fk Sleep: Book
•Publisher: Akashic Books; 1st edition (June 14, 2011)•Author: Adam Mansback

•Illustrator: Ricardo Cortes

•ISBN-10: 1617750255

•ISBN-13: 978-1617750250Go The F**k To Sleep is a bedtime story for grown ups, that has been stirring up a lot of controversy. It is a book with a lot of cursing, but who would expect less by seeing the Title. I knew right away this was not a book I was going to read to my children. They do put a warning on the back cover not to read to children, but common sense should tell a parent that without looking at the back cover.

With that being said let’s move onto my review.

As soon as I saw the cover I smiled. It was like the ten year old coming out in my that had just seen their first swear word. Perhaps it was the way it looks like a children’s book that made me feel like a sneaky kid. Then as I read I could actually relate to the authors frustration of a child who won’t go to sleep. At the end of a trying day with a toddler I think most parent’s at one time or another have been pushed past frustration to the point of desperation. The illustrations are colorful, and adorable. They go along with the story perfectly.My husband is not a reader, but when I showed him this book he couldn’t help himself. As he turned the pages I heard him mumble a few times in agreement. He loved the book so much he took it to work to show the other guys. Even though it’s no Gone With The Wind, I was still glad to see him reading something other than the television listings for the day.Over all I though this to be an honest look at sleepless nights. It’s what a lot of parents think, but don’t talk about. It’s not a book for people who don’t have a great sense of humor. I found myself laughing the whole way through it and told a lot of my friends about it. I should seriously consider becoming a book promoter because I think I got this book at least twenty more sales. Don’t get me wrong this is a book I keep in the top drawer so the kids don’t find it, but I have easy access on the long nights of teething.I recommend this book to parent’s who don’t mind a few cuss words. If you enjoy a good laugh I suggest this book you f**king laugh so hard. I’m going to be watching for more books like this. I can see a version on preteens, homework, chores, and so many other issues parents deal with while raising their children.You can buy Go The F**k To sleep here