Healthy Fruit Dessert: Raspberry Clafoutis Recipe

by Olfa Turki


Looking for a healthy fruit dessert  that you will not feel guilty about and that is delicious? Try this Raspberry Clafoutis. You will never regret it. Post contains affiliate links.

Healthy fruit Dessert: Raspberry Clafoutis Recipe

I have to admit: I am a sweet tooth! I used to eat chocolate anytime: for breakfast, after lunch, before going to bed! It didn’t do good for my waist nor my teeth! When my daughter was born and approached the thirties, I switched to a healthier lifestyle and started looking for easy healthy recipes! But I still wanted to eat dessert! It was hard to find a low calorie dessert that tastes  good at the same time! All the desserts I baked had lots of sugar, fat, cream!

I started looking for healthier options and ways to include fruits in my desserts! Since it is raspberry season, I browsed the web for healthy fruit desserts to prepare! But since it is summer too, I didn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen baking! Who wants to do that and miss those nice summer activities with the family?

I stumbled on this easy healthy fruit dessert Raspberry Clafoutis: It is ready within 15 minutes! Perfection! I couldn’t ask for more! I don’t remember where I found this fruit dessert recipe though! Forgive me for that! I was just amazed by this recipe that I forgot to take note of that! Who wouldn’t?


Raspberry Clafoutis Recipe: a healthy fruit desserts for your sweet pallet


3 eggs

1/2 cup of cream: I used the 15%

2 Tablespoons of sweetener!

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. You can replace it with Raspberry extract

2 cups of raspberry

Make it:

Heat oven at 350F

In a large bowl, mix eggs, cream and sugar until it is smooth and creamy! Add vanilla extract.

Add some olive oil to a large baking pan and sprinkle some of the sweetener.

Layer with Raspberry and cover with the cream!

Bake for 25 minutes!

Serve  chilled with your favorite homemade ice cream!

My little princess enjoyed every bit of this fruit dessert! Me too! My husband and son didn’t have the chance to try it! They are not fans of raspberries like me!

Have you tried this Raspberry clafoutis before? Did you like it? What’s your favorite healthy fruit desserts? 

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