Can Wearing a Bra Really Cause Breast Cancer?

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Claire, of The Butterfly Collection, shares her expertise on the theory that a bra can cause breast cancer. Her site offers women of all shapes and sizes a collection of bras that fit comfortably and look great. 


bras and breast cancer

There has been a great deal of data collection about the correlation between bras and breast cancer and there is no clinical evidence to suggest that wearing a bra affects your chances of contracting the disease. It is important, however, to wear the best fitting bra for you so that you don’t damage the delicate breast tissue, especially tissue under your arms.

When you wear the correct bra size and style for you it’s easy to get to know the makeup of your breasts because the tissue is not being bisected by ill-fitting wires or moving into your armpit (known as tissue migration) because of a loose band.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity to think about what you know about your breasts. Many of us don’t examine our own breasts because we don’t know what we’re looking for or are anxious about what we might find.

There are wonderful resources that teach you how to easily examine your own breasts. The most important thing is that you get to grips with your boobs so that you know which lumps and bumps are you (all breasts have lumps and bumps in them – they’re not like bags of sand, there’s lots going on in there!) If you don’t know where to begin you can ask your doctor to help you figure out how to examine yourself and whether the current make up of your breasts is totally normal or if anything needs examining.

Getting to know our breasts and ensuring they are ‘housed’ properly is empowering for our health and happiness so it’s worth starting some great bra and boob habits today.

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  1. I had to switch to wireless bras because of the damage the wire was doing to my breast tissue. Now that I am home full time with a nursing baby, I rarely wear one!

  2. I’ve also found that my back acts up if my bra fits poorly. Thanks for the reminder about getting one that fits correctly.

  3. A bra that fits correctly is so important! I was constantly suffering from back pain until I got a bra that fit better and haven’t had any pain since.

  4. Great post! I read the title and was like, what??? Prevention is the key and a comfortable bra is a must in daily life. :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. It’s amazing the trouble an ill fitting bra can actually cause.

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