Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

by DeAnna Troupe


Who says mom has to have all of the creative fun with the kids? Dads can get in on the action as well. It is important for Dads to spend quality time with the kids as well. Here are some neat Father’s Day crafts for kids to do with their Dads for this special day.

Father’s Day Craft for kids For Unique Dads

Each dad is unique and different. Below are some craft ideas to make with kids for Father’s Day that take into consideration their needs and personality.

Something To Stroke Dad’s Ego: Dad Rocks Paperweight

What dad wouldn’t love a paperweight created by his kids? This is the perfect craft for any businessman to have in his office as a daily reminder of how his kids feel about him. You could even make two of these crafts. You could make one rock say Dad and the other one say Rocks. You’d have a set of paperweights instead of just one.


What you need for this craft

How to make this Father’s Day craft with your kids

  1. Choose a rock that is heavy enough to hold papers down without getting blown away.
  2. Wash rock and be sure you get all of the cracks and crevices.
  3. Wipe the water off with a towel.
  4. Allow rock to air dry.
  5. When rock is thoroughly dry, paint with acrylic paint.
  6. Once the paint is dry add a second coat.
  7. Once this coat is dry, add a thin layer of the glitter glue.
  8. Once your layer of glitter glue is dry, write the words “Dad rocks” on the rock
  9. Allow to dry overnight.
  10. Get an adult to spray the whole surface of the rock with the acrylic sealer.
  11. Put in a decorative bag to give to Dad on Father’s day.
For The Father With Too Much To Do And Not Enough Time To Do It: Coupon Card For Dad

Simply take a piece of construction paper and decorate it nicely with markers or crayons after you fold it in half. On the inside of the card write down a chore that you will do for your dad. Be sure to include an expiration date for the coupon. Make this a chore you know your dad hates to do. As an added bonus, you could include multiple coupons for different chores around the house. I am sure your father will love this craft idea.

For The Money Saving Dad-A Coin Can: Coin Can

Use a container that used to hold coffee. Plastic containers with plastic lids work best for this type of craft. Cover it with construction paper. Cut a slit in the cover. Be sure to write “Coins” or a dollar sign on the can so your dad knows what it is.

Father’s Day should be a time when Dads get to spend time having fun with their kids. Father’s Day crafts are one great way to spend quality time together. Use the crafts listed in this article as a starting point for creative things to do with your dad. I’m sure you will be able to come up with more wonderful crafts to create with your dad.

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