Indigo Kids: Ultimate destination for birthday gifting and giveaway

by Olfa Turki


I am always multitasking : I do my grocery shopping between 2 extracurricular activities, do the laundry while helping my son with his homework. But when it comes to birthday gifts, I take my time and choose a gift with care. It is so important to show the child that you cared about his or her birthday.

But since I am always lacking time , I don’t like running from a store to another to find a gift and taking the risk not to find the proper gift. I play it safe and go to my favorite kids store: Indigo Kids. I am sure I will find smart gift recommendations for every age (1-9) selected by their expert buyers. It is the first kids retailer in North America to earn the Parent Testes Parent Approved seal of approval. You can even shop online at Indigo Kids in the comfort of your home. Even if I like shopping online while sipping my favorite tea, I usually go to the Indigo Store. It’s only 10 minutes drive and I love their store design. I sometimes find some cute items for the home.

I headed to the store on this Monday evening to buy a gift for my niece who was celebrating her 4-year-old birthday.  I went shopping with my 10-year-old who was on spring break.  He will help me choose the proper gift for her. My son and I could not get out of the store!! We had so much fun.


We picked their Blue large shopping bag and  went to the Kid’s section. We noticed that a group of kids were playing and doing crafts with the store’s staff. A sweet lady who served us a free hot chocolate said it was part of the spring break activities. Each day, the store organizes crafts, story tims, magciansa for free. Head over to their Events page for more details. The aisles are large enough for strollers!

The store is organized in sections by ages which makes it easier to choose. We went to the 3 to 5-year-old section. On the right we had books, all kinds of books. Some of them were on sale. On the left were the toys: dolls, scrapbooks, cooking sets, etc. Each class was nicely organized and easy to look at. I concentrated on the educational toys that helped develop her fine motor skills and be ready her for school.. I chose 2 items for my 4-year-old niece: one to practice her alphabet and another to make craft. My son suggested the craft one as it included scissors, glue. He said: she will go to school only in 2 years. She will have time to practice her alphabet. But let her have fun with these crafts. It will help her with her fine motor skills. He was right: we took the Crafty set.

We paid for the gift (Which costs $35) and earned my plum rewards (their fidelity program). You can earn points with every purchase. Then we enjoyed the free gift wrap!

The gift was a big hit with my niece. She loved it and immediately started playing with it!  Thanks to INDIGO and with the help of my son, I put a huge smile on my niece’s face. Now you can live this great experience by winning a $35 Indigo Gift card. You can shop online or in the store!

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Disclosure – I am participating in the Indigo Kids program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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