Chocolate & Marshmallow TruMoo: It’s Like Drinking a S’more! + Giveaway! #TruMoo

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I’ve always been really lucky because my son, Jacob, loves milk. He’s been a milk fan since he was old enough to drink it! For a long time, he was quite content drinking plain white milk. Then one day, my mom decided to introduce him to chocolate milk. Well, that was pretty much that! Now he only drinks white milk in cereal or when dunking cookies!

Since he’s a chocolate milk fanatic, it’s important to me that he drinks the RIGHT kind of chocolate milk. Preferably one that is low in fat! Since Jacob drinks a TON of chocolate milk, it’s easier for me to have it pre-made. Especially in the morning, when I’m stumbling around waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. I have zero coordination before my first cup. TruMoo is our favorite packaged chocolate milk by far.

TruMoo: Wholesome Goodness, Now in Chocolate Marshmallow Flavor!


While Jacob simply loves the taste of TruMoo and doesn’t really concern himself with anything else, as a mom I love the fact that it doesn’t contain any hormones. It’s also free of high-fructose corn syrup, something I’m trying to pay more attention too. While it lacks in the bad stuff, it’s full of the good stuff. Like calcium and Vitamins A and D!


I personally love it because it has just the right amount of chocolaty goodness. Not too viscous like some pre-made chocolate milks. I even like it in my coffee sometimes. I heat it up a bit, then combine it with strong coffee or espresso. Voila, instant latte! Now, you can get Chocolate & Marshmallow TruMoo! It’s just like drinking a S’more, minus the graham crackers. The special flavor is a limited edition, perfect for enjoying hot on a cold winter’s night! Jacob loves hot chocolate, but I’d rather him drink hot TruMoo because it’s healthier than those little packets of powder. It’s available in the dairy section at grocery stores nationwide through the month of February.

Check the store locator to find  Chocolate & Marshmallow TruMoo in a store near you! Remember, it’s a limited edition, so hurry!  Of course, you can find chocolate and vanilla TruMoo any time of the year. Check out the TruMoo website, then head over and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

How would you drink your Chocolate & Marshmallow TruMoo? Hot? Cold? In your coffee (so good!)?

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