Learn How Red Baron® Pizza Will Conquer Mealtime Madness + Giveaway

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Ever have one of those crazy busy days when lunch flows into dinnertime and you realize you have nothing in the house to eat besides a few canned goods? We’ve been there, done that, and found the secret to fighting mealtime madness: Red Baron® pizza! Read on to learn more about it plus find out how you can win great prizes in the Baroness Instant Scratch & Win Game hosted by Red Baron®.

Our Mealtime Madness Story

Our mealtime madness story begins a few days ago, on a day like every other morning. We woke up to a madhouse full of animals, visitors, and a pile of work. The kids, thankfully, were off at a friend’s house during the day so we could get some work done!

As we were tackling this day, it started to near lunch time. We decided to work through it to catch up. In retrospect, that was an awful idea!  As it started to near dinner time, we were regretting that choice. Not only were we ravenous, but the kids were due home any moment!

Keeping in tune with the song of the day, we realized we had forgotten to lay something out to thaw for dinner. We had zero items to eat unless we just made an entire meal out of canned vegetables (we were so hungry we might have settled for that). While that sounds doable in theory, we wanted a real hearty meal to make up for what we had missed throughout the day.

How I handled mealtime madness like the Baroness!

I took some inspiration from the Red Baron® Baroness and handled mealtime madness like a pro, if I do say so myself! I definitely earned my “Nailed It” and “Mom Hard” badges that day! “How?” you ask. Well, it all starts with a trip to Target!

Thankfully, Target stays open until 11 PM in our area. While we usually try to make homemade meals at home, that night we just needed to get something on the table fast and we were totally craving pizza. When we have to run to the store so close to dinner, we usually like to be in and out quickly. On this night, we really had to be mindful of our tight budget. We’re saving for a big expense coming up soon and have very little money to spare until it’s taken care of.

As we rushed into the store to grab a pizza, we were looking for something that tasted delicious with a reasonable price tag. When we arrived in the freezer section, Red Baron® Brick Oven Pizza glowed at us like a red light from heaven. A delicious looking pizza that came in well under our budget? It was like a miracle!


When we got home, we just unwrapped the pizza and threw it in the oven for twenty minutes. It was a no nonsense pizza with packaging and baking instructions to match. Once it was out of the oven, we wasted no time in filling our bellies!


We had a Red Baron® pizza  maybe once before and were very surprised at how yummy it is and with such a good price, it is delicious right down to the last bite! The crust on our Red Baron® Brick Oven pizza was crispy and bubbly, the sauce was robust, and you can definitely tell that they use premium cheese! If you’re not a fan of Brick Oven style, you can also get it in Classic Crust and Thin & Crispy style.


I tell you, I felt just like the Baroness, the ultimate #WingMama! She’s seen it all, from making sure kids don’t have too much screen time to hunting monsters. I can totally relate to her “whatever works” attitude! She’s a great reminder to celebrate the everyday chaos of parenting! Sometimes you have to find humor in the hectic moments, right? Check out her “War Stories” video, I bet you can relate, too!


Play the Baroness Instant Scratch & Win Game!

Ready to earn your #WingMama patches? Play The Baroness Instant Scratch & Win Game, hosted by Red Baron®! Scratch away the Red Baron® pizza tiles and discover your Baroness patches! If you find 3 CLEAN PLATE CLUB patches, you’ll win one of these awesome prizes:

  • Each day, 2 lucky winners will win a $10 eGiftcard
  • Each day, 3 lucky winners will win a $25 eGiftcard

The Baroness Instant Scratch & Win Game will ONLY be available for a LIMITED time, so make sure you play today (and every day)! Just visit www.RedBaronBaroness.com!

Red Baron® is at the top of our list as far as frozen pizza goes. It remains one of our first choices when we are so busy we can’t see straight (or remember to put something out to thaw for dinner).

Find it in the freezer aisle at your local Target and discover a happy ending to your own mealtime war stories! Share your own parenting stories with @Baroness using the #WingMama hashtag on social media! Let’s all stick together and give new meaning to the phrase “Never Fly Solo!”


Which Baroness patches did you earn? Tell us below!


15 thoughts on “Learn How Red Baron® Pizza Will Conquer Mealtime Madness + Giveaway”

  1. Red Baron Pizza is so delicious! We always grab one when we grocery shop because we always have at least one crazy night each week when we just can’t seem to take the time to make dinner. It is always a lifesaver.

  2. You are a true Red Baroness! I can’t tell you how many nights I realized it was almost dinner time and I had nothing. Like right now for instance!!!

  3. Have not made pizza in a long time but it does seem like a great idea when the kids are hungry and I did not have time to cook. Red Baron looks like the best frozen pizza choice

  4. Red Baron is our go-to frozen pizza brand. We adore all of the delicious flavor varieties and their affordable price. I’m looking forward to playing that fun game!

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