Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids: Heart-Shaped Egg Toast Breakfast

Coming up with breakfast recipes for kids is a challenge when they always want the same old thing! Still, even the pickiest eaters will love these Valentine’s Day recipes for kids. You’ll love how easy it is to whip up!


I am always struggling with breakfast recipes for my kids! They just want bread and hazelnut bread! While it’s not bad from time to time, it is not the healthiest breakfast you can serve, not at a daily basis! So I figured since they like bread, why not prepare cute Valentine’s Day recipes for kids with their favorite ingredient! The following breakfast recipe was inspired from a kids book that we took from our library! It features cute and healthy Valentine’s day recipes for kids that they can make on their own. This is great if you plan to make a special romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for your special someone but want to celebrate with the kids in the morning too.

Creative Valentine’s Day recipes for kids: Heart shaped toast filled with egg breakfast!

Ingredients for these easy breakfast recipes for kids

  • 1 bread slice. I used a whole grain bread!
  • 1 egg
  • 1 heart shaped cookie cutter! Use a small cookie cutter so the egg would fit nicely in the cut-out area.
  • 1 tbsp of butter

 How to make it!


  • Your kids can easily help you preparing it! Depending on their age, they can also cook it!
  • My 6 year-old is was a great helper. She used the cookie cutter to cut a hole in the bread! Save the heart shaped bread for later or decoration!
  • In a hot pan, my 12 year-old son added butter! He put the 2 slices of bread! In the heart shaped hole, he added the egg! Let is cook for 1 or 2 mn then turn!
  • My 6 year-old wanted to help with the pan but she is too young for that and It will not be safe!
  • Serve with their favorite fruits, milk or juice and you are all set for a nice breakfast recipe for kids!

Valentine’s Day recipes for kids don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the easier the better, since this breakfast recipe is so easy it allows your kids to help. If you want to stick with the Valentine’s Day theme, serve some yummy red fruits on the side. Later, for dessert, use that same cookie cutter to make some Valentine’s Day cookies with your kids!

What do you think of this recipe? Do you have any cute ideas for Valentine’s Day recipes for kids?

14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids: Heart-Shaped Egg Toast Breakfast”

  1. Your Valentines Day Recipe Kids Heart Shaped Breakfast would be a big hit with the little ones here at The Cottage. Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday!
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  2. Very cute! I haven’t had much luck in getting my son to eat eggs unless it’s mixed into something, but maybe he’d find it “more fun” to eat like this.

  3. Great idea! I have cut circles out of toast and cooked eggs that way, but so clever to use cookie cutters (I used a cup before) and have it for the upcoming holidays!

  4. Love this idea, Olfa! So cute! Lol…hmmm…somehow I think I lost out as a kid as people didn’t tend to create all these fun ideas for kids’ foods. My mum would always fancy up my slice of bologna though, by cutting a face out of it :)

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