5 Easy Summer Camp Snacks

Summer camp snacks are one of the best parts of going camping! Nothing could be more relaxing than sitting around the camp fire, surrounded by friends and family and eating your favorite snacks. Whether you’re fueling up for a day of hiking or winding down after a delicious dinner, snacks are a must for the summer camp experience! Enjoy healthy and delicious summer camp snacks and have great fun with your family.  You don’t even have to go far! Telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows while camping in your backyard can be just as exciting as heading out into nature for a week.

Parents often find it challenging as to what summer camp snacks to feed their busy kids with and that are easy to make too. Sure, you have the traditional snacks, like marshmallows and smores. Sometimes, though, you want a little more variety. Plus, with all that ooey goodness, you also want to try to mix in a few healthier options that kids will love. Read on to learn about some great options to make great summer camp snacks.


5 Delicious and easy summer camp snacks for the whole family

Raw Veggies and Peanut Butter
Kids love the delicious combination of peanut butter or almond butter and having them with raw veggies.  These are easy to assemble and healthier too. Just make sure that none of the kids are allergic to peanuts!

Ham and cream cheese roll-ups
Take some slices of ham and spread whipped cream cheese over them. Place some vegetables and roll those slices. You will find these rolls very easy and fast to make and kids simply love them.

Homemade trail mix
You can make a delicious combination of mini pretzels, dry cheerios, almonds, raisins and other nuts. These are high energy snacks and can stay fresh in an airtight container for weeks. Your kid will find it easy to carry these snacks while on a camp. The great thing about homemade trail mix is that you can customize it any way you want. Kids don’t like raisins? Toss them out! Pretzels a favorite? Add more! Anything goes and it’s all up to you!

Black Bean and Corn Salad
This is a great and delicious snack for camps and picnics and very easy to make too. Kids love black bean and corn salad with its light smokey flavor.  These are full of nutrition as well as tasty.

Milk and cookies
The everyday snack at night can be the regular milk and cookies, that might look simple but are still a favorite with most kids. This is a delicious way of singing off for camping for the day and wake up for another exciting morning. Want to make it a bit healthier? Try making a batch of whole-grain chocolate cookies before the trip and serving those instead of the traditional packaged cookies.

Fresh fruits are always great options at summer camps. Your child can easily carry those fruits in their pocket. Get them fresh, locally grown fruits like plums, apples, Peaches, berries etc. You can also make a fruit salad of cherries, raspberries, blueberries, watermelon slices, strawberries etc.

Go ahead and try out the above easy to make snacks for your kids when camping out. They will simply love the food and snacks.

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  1. These are great snacks just for everyday and not just camp. The boys like to go to the park next to our house and they often will come home for a quick snack and these would be great to give them to change it up a bit more.

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