14 Toddler Breakfast Ideas That Will Make Your Mornings a Breeze

Mornings with even the pickiest eaters are a breeze thanks to these 14 perfect toddler breakfast ideas! Check them out and stop the AM tot feeding struggles!



Sometimes finding things that your toddler will love for breakfast can be pretty tricky. It needs to have great texture (and the right kind!), plenty of flavor, be at least moderately healthy, and easy to eat. If you have a super picky toddler, finding something that’s even one of those things can be tricky, let alone all four! Don’t worry, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of your meal planning! Take a look at these 14 Toddler Breakfast Ideas if you need some inspiration to get mornings started off right.



Toddler Breakfast Ideas



1- Strawberry Peanut Butter Breakfast Balls– Even the pickiest of tots will love the classic PBJ flavor of these easy to gobble breakfast balls. Get the recipe.


2- Sneaky Veggie Smoothies-If your little one is on the go and doesn’t like to sit and eat, smoothies might be the answer. They are also a great way to sneak in some veggies.  Get the recipe.


3- Quick and Easy Breakfast Bites– How cute are these little cups, one is probably just about right to fill up an active toddler tummy. Get the recipe.


4- Strawberry Applesauce- Applesauce delivers some fiber and is a great food to practice spoon skills with too.  Get the recipe.


5- Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins– Muffins have to be one of my favorite toddlers foods because they are portable and you can make them in so many varieties. Get the recipe.


6- Maple Brown Sugar Pancakes- Get the recipe.

7- Rainbow Fruit Skewers– Bright sweet colorful fruit will certainly capture your toddler’s eye and tastebuds, be sure to cut up the pieces tiny. Get the recipe.

8- Protein Packed PB&J Smoothie– Protein keeps them filled up for longer and feeds growing muscles, pop a PBJ smoothie in their sippy and watch the smiles grow. Get the recipe.

9- Fun Waffle Breakfast– Appeal to their sense of wonder and let them help create and eat a whimsical breakfast like this cute butterfly. Get the recipe.

10- Blueberry Cream Cheese Roll Up- Get the recipe.

11- 2 Ingredient Mini Pumpkin Donut– While I am not advocating sweets everyday for breakfast mini donuts flavored with pumpkin spice are a yummy fall treat for breakfast. Get the recipe.

12-Crockpot Apple Steel Cut Oats– Oatmeal is a must for chilly mornings, provides lots of fiber,  and sticks to a tots ribs to keep them going (sorry moms). Get the recipe.


13- Freezable Applesauce Waffles– Looking for gluten free options for breakfast? These gluten free egg free handheld waffles made with applesauce are great for dipping. Get the recipe.

14- Breakfast Egg Muffins-A handheld portable breakfast makes eating on the go (or not) easy and you can toss in veggies to add extra nutrition. Get the recipe.


With so many delicious healthy toddler breakfast ideas, you should be able to find at least a few recipes that even the pickiest tots will love! Try them all, then put his favorites in rotation on your weekly meal planning menu.

Do you have any favorite toddler breakfast ideas that are a hit in your home? Share below!



9 thoughts on “14 Toddler Breakfast Ideas That Will Make Your Mornings a Breeze”

  1. These are some wonderful and healthy ways to have breakfast.It’s a most important mealtime for our family and these ideas will be most appreciated.Thank you.

  2. These ideas are so creative. I cringe everytime my kids reach for the box of cold cereal before school. Once in a while is fine. I even prefer it as a snack but before school? Ugh

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