15 Insanely Delicious Drop Cookies to Make This Christmas

From chocolate chip to macadamia nut I have gathered up 16 amazing drop cookies for you to try out this holiday season. Check them out now!

From chocolate chip to macadamia nut I have gathered up 16 amazing drop cookie recipes for you to try out this holiday season. Check them out now!


I am all about easy and drop cookies make baking, especially during the busy holidays, easy and delicious! Whether you make them for neighbors, bring them to the cookie swap, or treat your teachers they are gonna be a sweet hit! Read on for 15 absolutely amazing drop cookies that are sure to please every palate!



Christmas Drop Cookies Recipes


  1. Lemon White Chocolate Chip Cookies- If you are a little burnt out on peppermint and chocolate this recipe gives you a fresh new flavor to enjoy. Get the recipe.
  2. Richest, Most Delicious Chocolate Cookies Ever-I love cake hack cookie recipes like these rich and gooey loaded with chocolate cookies. Get the recipe.
  3. Gooey Drop Brownies- Okay okay maybe these aren’t cookies exactly but they look like cookies and they are an easy drop method so here ya go. Get the recipe.
  4. Hop, Skip, and go Naked Cookies- I am pretty sure you don’t have to  hop, skip, or go naked to enjoy these cookies loaded with chocolate chips, oats, toffee pieces, and brandy. Get the recipe.
  5. Ultimate Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies- Like banana nut bread with crispy edges, a gooey middle, and chocolate laced throughout in a little bite size piece. Get the recipe.
  6. Super Soft Macadamia Nut Cookie- Warm, soft, macadamia cookies that will just melt in your mouth. Get the recipe.
  7. Orange Milano Dipped Cookies- I love how the brightness of citrus wakes up chocolate and balances it out beautifully, I bet these milano cookies just melt in your mouth.Get the recipe.

  1. The Best Oatmeal Cookies- Gooey warm oatmeal just comforts and fills you with warm thoughts, give these a try and find out if they are the best. Get the recipe.
  2. Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies- If you are searching for gluten free cookie recipes these lovely traditional shortbread cookies will give you the cookie flavor you crave without wheat flour.
  3. Italian Lemon Cookies-  Bright and light tasting lemon drop cookies coated in icing and topped with sprinkles create a cookie that will disappear right off the dessert table. Get the recipe.
  4. Triple Chocolate Mint- Three times the chocolate with a fresh mint flavor to balance it out, these cookies are ideal for cookie trays to share. Oh and it’s a  gluten free cookie recipe too! Get the recipe.
  5. Walnut Snowball Cookies- I love the light airy texture of snowball cookies that are sweetened with powdered sugar and given a little substance with walnuts.
  6. Easy Red Velvet Cookies- These may be billed as Valentine’s cookies but I think the pretty red and the rich flavor would make an amazing addition to any time of year. Get the recipe.
  7. Truffle Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies- Truffle.stuffed.chocolate.chip.cookies… I can’t even with the goodness stuffed inside of the wonderful. Get the recipe.
  8. Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies- Gooey chocolate topped with gooey marshmallow, that is the perfect combination of tasty. Get the recipe.

So many delicious choices, I don’t even know where to start! Good thing I love to bake cookies during the holidays, right?

Which of these drop cookies would you start with? Share below!

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  1. I love cookies. I am looking for low carb, love cal cookies this year though as we are incorporating lifestyle changes. These all look so delicious!

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