Creative Ways to Cook Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey for Thanksgiving

Are you tired of eating and making Turkey the same way you’ve been doing for the past many years? Do you want to do something unique that needs inspired imagination? Are you looking for bright ideas for serving turkey to your guests? If yes, then you certainly have come to the right place.

Here you are going to find some really easy, yet creative ways of serving turkey over Thanksgiving. A whole baked turkey with glistening skin may look pretty but it can get boring over the years. Try a little twist in the recipe that will make the guests start talking.

Furthermore, moms with little kids often don’t have enough spare time to dedicate to the kitchen. If you follow these easy recipes below, you will be able to pull together an elegant thanksgiving meal with a twist. What’s more, your kids might find it more interesting too.

Also remember, that if you don’t have enough time for the kitchen because of kids, you can easily replace the time-consuming parts of the meal with ready-made servings. For example, instead of preparing the cranberry sauce or the bread filling yourself, there are many alternative ready-made options available in the market.

You will still be able to save money on them by using the coupons that you have saved up. And if you happen to shop online, you will have an extensive range of products to choose from at competitive prices. It is not necessary that you show your creativity while cooking an elaborate meal; you can also surprise your guests with other skills like finding the best home-cooked sauce and stuffing for sale. Search around for grandma’s famous recipe and make use of coupons.

5 Creative Ways to Cook Your Turkey

  1.  People may vary the stuffing inside or the cooking method, but the roast whole turkey almost always looks the same. But you can change that by employing a little creativity and by giving your turkey some clothes. Try this unique recipe for dressed up turkey and marvel your friends
  2.  Perhaps if you are looking for something totally home cooked but nothing elaborate that will take hours of dedicated kitchen time, you can go for this turkey recipe. It is an easy and alternative Greek whole turkey recipe, which is not only delicious, but really simple and presentable.
  3. Searching for something unique? This delicious cranberry stuffed turkey breast recipe is going to fulfill all your needs. Not only is the recipe simple to make, it is very creative, looks extremely presentable and is bursting with Thanksgiving flavours.
  4. If you are looking for something simple, that still smells and looks like Thanksgiving then go for a simple grilled turkey breast served on top with either delicious homemade or ready-made cranberry sauce. Instead of having a go with carving the turkey in front of everyone, purchase prepared breast pieces and serve them on the platter professionally with drizzled cranberry sauce and an assortment of baked vegetables.
  5.  Even more unique and creative is the “Roasted Turkey Legs” idea. Instead of going for a whole turkey or turkey breasts, try out the juicy and succulent turkey legs only. They are easy to prepare and easy to cook. They are also very tempting for the kids; serve them with a dip or cranberry sauce to create the Thanksgiving atmosphere.

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