Best Apple Varieties of Fall & Amazing Recipes to Make With Them


Check out the best apple varieties of fall, plus supremely delicious apple recipes to make with your bountiful harvest!

My daughter and I love the  apple picking activity. She loves it because she can fill her basket with fresh apples from the tree. I love it because I can taste a fresh apple. Nothing like a fresh cut apple, right? It tastes so good, juicy. Apple picking is a fun family activity. It is also a great learning activity for everybody. There are so many apple varieties and everyone wonders which one is which and how to use them.Here are some of the best apple varieties of fall and how you can use them.

Best Apple Varieties of Fall


Mcintosh Apples Best Apple Varieties of Fall

McIntosh apples are the ones used most for baking because they are tender and juicy. These apples are also very easy to peel and can be harvested from September through June. McIntosh apples have a flavor that is both sweet and tart. You can make this delicious upside down apple cake recipe or this easy apple sauce.


Fuji apples are used for snacking, cooking and baking. These apples have a longer shelf life compared to other apple varieties. Fuji apples are large in size and are extremely crisp with a very sweet flavor.

Granny Smith-

Granny Smith apples are often noticeable from their light green skin. It has a tart taste, making it popular for snacking and salads. Also, these apples have a hard feel with a crisp bite. Granny Smith apples are available year round.


Gala apples are the favorite with kids, mainly due to its bright red skin with yellow undertones. It has a flavor that is mildly sweet and they are very juicy. They are taller than most other apples and not very wide. They have a crisp texture. Gala apples are available from September through May. My daughter loves it for this caramel apple pop recipe.



Cortland Apples Best Apple Varieties of Fall


Cortland apples are mostly sweet but they do have a tartness to them, just slightly. They are at their best right after they are picked since they lose their crispness and sweetness in a short time. Cortland apples are often used in cooking and baking.


Empire apples are small in size, compared to other apple varieties. They are easily identifiable by their green base and deep-red coloring. These apples have a huge flavor that is sweet yet tart at the same time.

Golden Delicious-

Golden Delicious apples are often confused with Red Delicious apples, but they are related at all. Golden Delicious apples feature a bright yellow skin with a firm, white flesh. It is great for baking and cooking since it has a rich, mild flavor when used for pies and applesauce.

Each of these apples has a different flavor that goes great in different fall recipes, as you can see. However, if you pull them all together, they make an amazing apple cider, like in our Poison Apple Halloween drink recipe for kids!

Check out the best apple varieties of fall, plus supremely delicious apple recipes to make with your bountiful harvest!

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With apples so plentiful, there are literally hundreds of delicious ways to use them! What are your favorite ways to use the best apple varieties of fall?

16 thoughts on “Best Apple Varieties of Fall & Amazing Recipes to Make With Them”

  1. I do love every single kind of apple I’ve ever tasted. Some are better when you’re in the mood (Granny Smith) but some are just good all of the time (Gala). :)

  2. My absolute favorite is baked apples dusted with a bit of cinnamon–then of course apple sauce-I love apple sauce. Come to think about it I have not made any baked apples yet this fall——–

  3. Thanks for the breakdown. I am always a little overwhelmed when trying to find the right apples for the fall recipes I want to make. This definitely makes it easier!

  4. My Dad was saying its apple day this weekend and so he’s going to visit somewhere celebrating it to see if they have different cooking apples – I’ll have to pass this onto him :) x

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    We pick a variety and they usually all get eaten before I have a chance to make anything with them :)

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