14 Delicious Bento Box Ideas for Your Kids’ School Lunches

Having a hard time finding fun school lunch ideas for your kids? Shake off the lunch-making blues with these 14 bento box ideas that I have gathered for you!



We are just a couple of months out from the end of the school year creative lunches are getting harder and harder to put together. You want to be supermom but hastily put together peanut butter and jelly is becoming the norm. Bento boxes can help take off the pressure, cute little divided food  in simple or elaborate themes make for fun lunches! Check out 14 of my favorites!



Bento Box Ideas for School Lunches


1. SING Bento Box


If you haven’t seen the adorable musical animated movie Sing you have to make a point to check it out and then make this super cute matching bento box to go along with it for school. Get it Here.

2. Submarine Bento Box


Got a big eater on your hands? A submarine sandwich will fill them up for sure and this one is actually a submarine, so cute! Get it Here.

3. Taco Bento Lunch


Tacos are not just for Tuesday’s, how fun would it be for them to open up a lunchbox with a mini taco bar in it? Get it Here.

4. Soccer Themed Bento


Give your goalie a lunch that celebrates their passion with a sweet soccer themed bento Get it Here.

5. Super Salad Bento Lunch


Load them up with a healthy salad, fresh fruit, and then cap it off with a delicious sweet treat.   Get it Here.

6. Secret Life of Pets Bento


 Like Sing, Secret Life of Pets was a big hit and makes for a great theme for a creative bento box. Get it Here.

Add our Secret Life of Pets No-Bake Granola Bar for an extra healthy snack!

7. Pizza Pockets


 Bento Kids can never get enough pizza, this handheld portable version is ideal for filling a lunchbox. Get it Here.

8. Apple Chicken Bento


PBJ sandwiches are okay some days but working in tasty but healthy lunches Get it Here.

9. Camping Bento


S’mores are a favorite for everyone and this camping foods themed lunch will let your little one feel like they are nearly in the great outdoors.  Get it Here.

10. Kitty Cat Bento


 The sweet kitty picks and shaped sandwiches make this bento box irresistible. I love how you can turn a simple lunch into an event with just a few items.Get it Here.

11. All Star Bento


 Let your child know they are your shining star when you pack them a fully star themed bento lunch to devour. Get it Here.

12. Olaf Bento


 It’s been a few years but Frozen is still amazingly popular with the kids. Lovable Olaf is the star of this creative bento box.  Get it Here.

13. Easy Halloween Bento


Simple, cute, and all ready for the Halloween season this bento will be a treat for your little trickster. Get it Here.

14. Monster Bento Box


 The great colors of this bento box are eye appealing for kids but the ingredients are healthy so you don’t have to feel guilty about sugar overload! Get it Here.


These 14 bento box lunch ideas should get you through to the end of the school year, especially if you do a little mix-and-match once you figure out which ones are your kids’ favorites! ! Bookmark this page for back to school season, too!

Do you have any favorite bento box ideas for kids? Share below!

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