World Vision Canada: Building a Better World for Our Children #MeaningfulGifts


Have you ever wished you could help those in need but don’t really know how?  Or maybe your concern was where your money was really going to go?  World Vision Canada is the organization you have been looking for! Last year, we shared a few great World Vision gifts that give back that cost $50 or less. This year, we’d love to tell you a bit more about World Vision Canada as a whole, then share a few more ways that you can incorporate their catalog into your meaningful holiday gifts

Who Is World Vision Canada?

World Vision Canada was started in 1950 with the vision to provide food and shelter to children who lived in orphanages through child sponsorship.  Since 1950, they have learned a lot and grown to become a full solution to poverty and injustice issues. They take their mission to the poorest countries and works in conditions you and I might not be able to imagine, to help those in great need.  Part of their goal is to help to change a community so they can learn how to overcome poverty and thrive.  World Vision Canada is also helping people right in your backyard by giving assistance to needy families right here in Canada.

For those passionate about helping children in need, World Vision Canada works with children on every level, whether it be within their families, or in their communities or countries as a whole, they want to be there to help. If you have always wanted to reach out and help, but don’t know where to start, let World Vision Canada help you!

The World Vision Canada Catalog: Gifts that Give Back

While there are many ways to give through World Vision Canada, their catalog is ideal for any gift-giving occasion.  Any gift you choose, you can rest assured that you are meeting someone’s need.  The catalog that World Vision Canada has put together is based on what communities around the world have said they need.  You don’t have to wonder what your money is going towards because you pick the gift. You can pick something that you are passionate about, or choose a gift based on a loved one’s passions and donate it in their name. This is a great way to talk to your kids about more ways to help out in your community

  • Are you passionate about healthy eating? For only $30, you can feed a family all year long. How: by gifting  these fruits trees. Kids and their families will have access to fresh produce.   


Give gifts that give back this holiday season with World Vision Canada. Choose from many beautiful gifts that help communities become stronger. Learn more!

  • Proteins are essentials in a balanced diet. Don’t you agree? How about giving goats and hens. These gifts ideas are also much-needed and appreciated year-round. These animals help provide food on an ongoing basis, plus let communities trade or sell the extra for other needed supplies. For only $100, you will provide healthy food options as well as a recurring income stream.

Give gifts that give back this holiday season with World Vision Canada. Choose from many beautiful gifts that help communities become stronger. Learn more!


  • Perhaps your mom is passionate about making sure everyone has clean water. You can help her be part of making sure kids around the world have access to clean drinking water with a $100 gift donated in her name!
  • For only $30, you can give the gift of health with these medicines for 10 children. Isn’t it heartbreaking when you see a baby sick. Isn’t it devastating when you know that this little angel does not have access to health care and medicine. In Canada, we are gifted because we have access to health care. When we are sick, we go the local clinic and get medicine without paying! Imagine you didn’t have access to that? Many people don’t. But YOU can help them. You can gift medicines for 10 children. You can help stock a medical clinic. You can provide a mom with baby care kits. These gifts make a huge impact on the children and community.
  • You can also choose to gift education.  There are schools worldwide who do not have books for their students.  Reading is key to a child’s future. These are all great things that also make fantastic holiday gift ideas. Donating books in the name of a book lover, medicines in the name of a doctor, or yes, even latrines in the name of a plumber is a great way to show that you really know your loved ones! For only $30, you can give the gift of reading.

Why don’t you gather your family around the fireplace, choose one of these Christmas gift ideas? You can even choose a card design. I am sure my daughter will be happy to participate in this gift giving. . After all, aren’t the holidays about sharing the love, about giving to those in needs and helping one another.

So do it today! Head to World Vision Canada and start gifting today. It feels good to help.

Twitter Party Alert

Want to learn how you can help others and give the gift of giving? Join the conversation during the following Twitter party and enter for a chance to win some great prizes.

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Regardless of your choice in gift, you will be helping to meet a need of another human being.  Who wouldn’t want to do that if they could?  There are so many ways you can gift to children in need and right in your own backyard. Visit World Vision Canada to learn more. Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook to keep up with news.

What gift would you choose from the World Vision Canada gift catalog? Tell us in the comments below!

Disclosure: I am a World Vision Canada Mom working with Thrifty Mom Media to tell this story, and as such I am compensated. My opinion is all my own.

17 thoughts on “World Vision Canada: Building a Better World for Our Children #MeaningfulGifts”

  1. There are so many great gift choices for EVERYONE on your list this year….and all so meaningful to families and children around the world! Wishing you a wonderful season!

  2. World Vision has done great jobs in assisting those who are less fortunate in other countries so this is so great to read about what World Vision Canada is building.

  3. this is such a worthy cause. so many people out there need help! I love having an opportunity to give back. my daily prayer is Lord make me a blessing.

  4. Our family is very familiar with World Vision and has worked with in the past in the states. Every year our family gets together with a project for the holidays to help those in need. Sometimes we donate food, other times clothing and coats, and a couple of years ago … we tried to help those less fortunate with World Vision. I couldn’t imagine life without the basic necessities and pray that is never something that becomes my reality. As long as I am able, we will continue to provide support and assistance where needed. Thank you for bringing attention to such a great cause!

  5. I’ll hope I’ll remember to attend the twitter party. 🙂 I always love those that help the community. I have heard of World Vision and I am glad there’s one in Canada too. Let’s all help in making people aware of it. I will support this just because I am wearing glasses. 😉

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