Fun & Flirty Valentine’s Day Games for Couples


Valentine’s Day is coming up and you may be planning to go to a party with your sweetheart or spend the evening with just each other. Either way, there are a few fun games you can play that will give you some laughs and add some fun to your relationship. Check out these Valentine’s Day games for couples that can be fun or flirty.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Games for Couples

Do You Know?

This game is similar to “The Newlywed Game” and can be played at a party with several couples or on your own with just the two of you. If playing this one in a group, have one partner from each couple leave the room. A host or hostess will ask questions and the remaining partner should write down the answer they believe their other half would give. When the group is back together, share the questions and answers. For each correct answer, the couple wins points and of course the couple with the most points wins the game. If you play this game alone as just a single couple, it will just be for fun and to encourage getting to know each other better.

Red Ribbon Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the best Valentine’s Day games for couples to play at a party.  Hide several lengths of red yarn or ribbon around the party area. After all the guests have arrived, instruct them all to be watching for pieces of ribbon. As couples find pieces they need to tie the pieces together. After a designated amount of time, the couple with the longest ribbon is the winner.

What Do You Think?

This is a good game for just the two of you. Are you wanting to deepen your relationship and knowledge about each other? Each of you should write down a few questions to discuss. They can be silly and serious such as “What’s the craziest Halloween costume you ever had” or “What do you think about the current economy problems?” Choose a variety of questions to ask and discuss. This game is really meant to be a discussion starter so you and your sweetheart can know a little more about each other.

What if…

Play this game as a couple alone and enjoy some of the fun and flirty things you will learn. Each of you should write down some “what if” scenarios. For example “What if zombies were chasing me…” or “What if I were bitten by a vampire…” or “What if we were stranded on an island…” Have some fun with the questions and with talking about what you would do if faced with one of the “what ifs.”

Spend some time having fun and getting to know each other better with a few fun Valentine’s Day games for couples. Most of these games spur discussion and stimulate deep conversation about issues. Enjoy learning something new about your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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