Five Date Ideas That Will Make Her Weak in the Knees


Are you looking for some date ideas for your special lady? If you’re hoping to make her swoon and even a little weak in the knees, then you need something more than just dinner and a movie. Check out these ideas that are sure to thrill your lady love.

 Five Date Ideas That Will Make Her Weak in the Knees

Take Her Down Memory Lane

Do you remember your first date? How about the circumstances you first saw or met her? Plan a date that strolls down memory lane by revisiting special sites from your relationship. Take her to the restaurant you ate at on your very first date. Visit the place where your first kiss happened. Take a drive around to see the places that you took her on various dates. She will love that you remembered such details and that they mean something to you.

Dance Under the Stars

Five Date Ideas That Will Make Her Weak in the Knees

Surprise your lady with a night of dancing under the stars. Is there a place nearby where you can get away from city lights and enjoy the stars? Take her to this spot and bring your iPod or MP3 player with a playlist of romantic songs or special songs for her. Plug in your earbuds, give her one bud and you take the other, then indulge in swaying together. She will love it!

Plan a Day of Her Favorite Things

What does your sweetheart like to do? Does she like art museums, historical sites, shopping, antique shops, record stores, pets? Figure out what would make a fun day for her then plan a date that hits some of her favorite highlights. She will be delighted that you have taken note of what she enjoys. She will also be thrilled to enjoy a few of her favorite things with her special guy.

Plan a Technology-Free Date

Plan an entire night free of distracting technology. Turn your phone off, put away your tablet, don’t sit and stare at the television. Whether you are taking her for a walk in the park, a hike in the woods, or dinner at a special restaurant, focus on her instead of your phone or other technology.

Let Her Plan the Date

Give your lady free reign to choose date ideas for the two of you. Be willing to participate in whatever she comes up with — without complaining. She may choose to schedule massages for both of you or take you to a restaurant or site that she really likes, but isn’t your favorite. She may take you to a knitting class or some other type of event that she wants to share with you. Offer her the chance to plan and you will join in with a smile because you love her. Your willingness to take part in things you may not care for will melt her heart as she realizes how important her happiness is to you.

Choose one of these date ideas to turn a blah date into a wow date for the special lady in your life. She will love it and you’ll love the smiles and kisses she will give you.

Which of these romantic date ideas would you enjoy most? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. These are some awesome Date night ideas indeed. I love the date down memory lane. It is an amazing idea and so romantic. Thanks for sharing.

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