Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples

Check out our favorite Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas For Couples! You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy a romantic evening together!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year, but when you have a small budget it can also be frustrating.  Here are some fun and romantic Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples.  Not only can you still enjoy a sweet romantic day with your lover, you can do so while staying in budget.


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Go back to your first date experience.  Relive your first date by going back there again.  If you went to a specific movie or ate a specific meal, recreate that at home.  Rent or buy the movie to watch together, and pick up take out or make your own version of that first meal.  Make it more romantic with special candles, a special outfit or other romantic gestures for the evening.

Serve a heart shaped meal.  Get the cookie cutters out and cut everything into heart shapes.  Heart pancakes, pink milk,  heart shaped cinnamon rolls and even heart-shaped eggs in toast are great breakfasts.  Sandwiches and fruit cut into heart shapes can be served at lunch.  A steak or chicken cut into a heart alongside some red or pink pasta is an excellent evening meal.

Make a homemade Valentine for every year you’ve been together.  Grab the construction paper, ribbons and crayons to make an old school homemade Valentine for your lover.  Go the extra mile and make a Valentine for every year you have been together with something unique listed that you love about your lover.

Have an at home spa experience.  Buy some massage oils, light candles and pull out some soft easy listening and love songs for a romantic and intimate interlude that pampers both of you.

Go to an art gallery or museum together.  There are many galleries and museums that are free or very low cost to enter.  Not only can you take in beautiful art work, you can share some romance by dressing up a bit for each other, walking hand in hand and perhaps stopping for a special dessert and coffee before heading home.

Go dancing in your living room.  Sometimes the most romantic evenings start with a few dances.  Choose a great “mix tape” of your favorite songs to dance to.  Set the mood with candles, music and moving the furniture out of the way to join with your love for slow dances together.

A wonderful romantic Valentine’s Day doesn’t require a ton of money.  Thinking outside the box with these budget friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for couples can be tons of fun.  Not only does it make your day more personal, but it will give you a chance to save some money for other times together.

Do you have any other  budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for couples? Share them in the comments!


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