15 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Families


Check out these 15 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for families that are perfect for decorating your home! Find a great mix of crafts for adults and kids! The day of love is one that is perfect for showcasing one of these 15 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts.  Not only are these gorgeous additions to your decor, they are perfect for showing off on the most romantic day of the year.  Make these to decorate your home, or give to friends and family as a special Valentine’s Day gift.  Many of them are also perfect for making with your kids.


Home Sweet Hom Foam Paper Heart Wreath:  Some foam pieces, cardboard, dowels, glue and imagination make this wreath a fun project to make with your kids.  Plenty of tracing, cutting and pasting involved will be perfect for them to help with


DIY Valentine’s Day Candle Cozies: This is a perfect craft for using old socks that no longer have a mate.  Grab some brightly colored socks, cut them and embellish with some simple Valentine’s day table scatter or foam pieces to create a perfect craft for upgrading a plain candle.


Paper Heart Chain:  This is a simple but fun craft to make with the kids.  Use colorful scrapbook paper, glue and the kids scissors to make this to decorate with.

Valentine’s Day Tulle Door Wreath:  Put some of those crafting skills to use with this fun bright wreath perfect for your front door.


DIY Valentine Balloon Topiary:  Grab your glue sticks and colorful balloons to make this great centerpiece or room decor in no time.

DIY Valentine’s Day Pillow:  This is a super easy and fun way to use stencils and transfer paper to create a unique custom pillow.

Burlap Valentine’s Day Banner:  Burlap is a great medium to use and create a fun banner to hang on your mantle or over an entry way.

Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Candle Holder: Turn an ordinary dollar store candle holder into a sweet Valentine’s Day decoration with inexpensive supplies!


Valentine’s Bird Feeder Heart:  This simple craft is great to make with the kids!

Easy Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Tablescape:  Grab some simple items from your local dollar store to create this fun table decor.

DIY Recycled Seed Paper Valentine’s Hearts: This is a great craft made easily with some paper and seeds to give to your friends and family to plant this Spring.

Valentine’s Day Popsicle Stick Puzzle:  This is a great craft to make with the kids and have fun putting back together.


DIY Heart & Arrow Valentine’s:  This is a super fun craft to make that is a unique and classic card to give to your friends and family.

3D Paper Heart Garland:  This is a step above the simple paper garlands.  Grab some more craft paper and make this one with the kids.

Greenery Valentine’s Heart Shaped Wreath:  This one requires a bit of wire bending, but is super easy and fun to make.  This heart shaped wreath is great for hanging on your door.

Grab supplies and create one or all of these great Valentine’s Day crafts with your kids! They’re also perfect for a little grown-up crafting time!

Which of these Valentine’s Day crafts is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!





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  1. Your craft ideas are fantastic and make me want to learn how to make a few things. The paper heart and tulle wreaths were my favorites.

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