Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas: DIY Thanksgiving Leaf Place Cards

Looking for a great Thanksgiving decorating ideas that will help you save money and create a stylish dinner table? Check out these easy DIY Thanksgiving leaf place cards! This post contains affiliate links.


Thanksgiving means lots of food will be cooked, lots of family will gather, and lots of meals around the dinner table will take place. Nothing makes a dinner table fancier or more special than each guest having their very own place card. The place card identifies where each guest will seat, which not only keeps things organized and makes guests feel special, but gives each guest a small keepsake they can later take home. You can buy place cards at your local home decor store, or, you can save some cash and try making your own instead. Take a look below at how easy it is to make these DIY Leaf Place Cards and make your Thanksgiving guests feel loved!

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas: DIY Thanksgiving Leaf Place Cards

Supplies Needed:

I was able to find a package of large, wired, faux leaves as well as the gourds and raffia at my local Dollar Tree store. Everything else on this list could also be purchased at our local dollar store. Check around your home first, as you may find that many of these supplies are already on hand.

Directions for this Thanksgiving decorating ideas project:

  1. First, you need to decide how many guests you will be having. That is the number of leaves you will be needing. Count out the number of leaves you need and set aside.
  2. Cut some rectangles out of your construction paper. Again, you will want one per guest. This is the tag that will hold their name. As you can see, for our sample we used crafting scissors to give these a nice scalloped edge. Write the name of each guest on each card.
  3. You can then take a small length of ribbon and poke a hole in each name card or glue it to the back. Attach each ribbon to the stem of the leaf. You can do this by tying it right on.
  4. Take some additional ribbon and use it to cover the stem of the leaves.
  5. Add a generous drop of craft glue or use some hot glue for extra security to the base of the leaf. Add the embellishment of the mini gourd. If your gourds are heavy, you will want to use the hot glue for sure. It is the best way to make sure it adheres well.
  6. Take small lengths of raffia and tie it on to the base of the leaf. You can create long wisps if you wish or keep the raffia shorter and trimmed.

Now all you need to do is place each arrangement on the plate of your guest. It will add so much fall color to your table and act as both a decoration and a place card. Plus, when your dinner is complete your guest can take the arrangement home to use as a frugal decor piece in their own home.

Gather your supplies and see what you can whip up. These Thanksgiving Leaf Place Cards are a great way to make your Thanksgiving dinner special on a dime. Give them a try!

Do you have any other great Thanksgiving decorating ideas? We’d love to hear them!

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