Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids

Special occasions like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas call for wholesome décor, festive meals and hearty family gatherings. It is a time to get close and well connected with everyone. You can also take these days off from work as an opportunity to get crafty with your kids. Not only will your indulgence in Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids produce extra items for seasonal décor around the house, it is also going to teach them a lot about this festive occasion and the season that it comes in.

Easy Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids that you can enjoy doing together.

  • Pine cones and leaves with warm hues are characteristics of the season in which Thanksgiving arrives. These can be used in many Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids that will not only keep them busy but also make beautiful decorative pieces for your home. Ask children to collect a few medium or large pine cones and large leaves of the same size to craft a festive turkey. The bottom end of the cone can be used as the rear end of the turkey. Stick the leaves on the sides of the bottom and fan them out so it looks like the tail is sticking out. On the narrow end of the cone, stick a circle cut out from pink coloured paper to make its face and attach little eyes and a little cut out from red paper to make its snood. Turkeys produced in different sizes from different cones will make a nice décor for your mantle. Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids like these are quite easy and keep kids interested. You can make this pine cone craft


  • The whole point of Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids is to develop an appreciation of all the things that naturally exist in that season and to spread the atmosphere of Thanksgiving all around you. Have your kids collect twigs and beautifully shaped leaves from your lawn, backyard or nearby park. You can easily create a centerpiece by placing these branches in a glass vase which is half-filled with autumn leaves and pine cones. You can make this bouquet holder out of fall leaves.


  • Cool Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids also include making name tags from those colourful dried up leaves. Kids can write names of relatives who are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner on the leaves with golden and silver marker and place them on the plates or attach them to the napkins with the help of paperclips.

The Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids  listed above are quite easy and will keep kids busy and entertained during the holiday break. Plus, you’ll have a few new gorgeous decorative pieces for your home! Do you have any special Thanksgiving craft traditions in your family?


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