Put Together a Gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting


Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been sharing different DIY projects that you can easily make to put together a gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving place setting for your holiday dinner party. Today is the day we show you how to pull it all together! Your guests are going to be so impressed. The best part? Each part of the project is super simple and inexpensive, making it easy to whip up as many settings as you need. Don’t miss the video tutorial to see how it all looks live and up close!

How to Make a DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting


Before I show you how to make this easy DIY Thanksgiving place setting, let me tell you a little back story about how it came to be. During the holidays, I become a crazy person over decorating and making my house look like the Pinterest perfect home. Of course,  I don’t achieve that (really, who does?) but that doesn’t keep me from trying! It makes memories and laughs down the road which is what makes holidays memorable in the first place.

If you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts, you know that my husband and I bought a new house back in September, just in time for the holidays. The funny thing is, we weren’t even planning to buy and didn’t even think it would be possible (due to our credit scores) for at least another year. Well, you can see how that turned out!  Here we are with a brand new house.

It was a bit scary though because the closing for our house happened the week before our vacation, which we have to set up months in advance to get once a year.  We almost didn’t have a house but thankfully, the closing happened just in time for the vacation to go unscathed. It was a close call. Anyways, in our two years of marriage, we’ve not been able to spend a holiday in our own home because we shared a home with others or lived in a cramped apartment/duplex which left no room for any furniture, much less added decorations. Being the crazy holiday person I am, I was very antsy to have a house I could actually decorate. Well, this year, it happened just in time which made me elated to start planning my decorations.


I had a specific look in mind and wasn’t satisfied with the things I found for the table. So, I decided to make my own and hope it turned out right. Here is my finished product! Want to make your own like this? Follow the links below that show you how!

Thanksgiving Place Setting Tutorials


DIY Fall Silverware Holder


Mason Jar Drinking Glasses


Autumn Leaves Place Mat

Isn’t this just perfect for Thanksgiving? Of course, you can also use it for all of your other fall parties! Not planning a huge event? Make enough just for your family and add a special touch to your regular weeknight dinners! It’s such a fun way to bring a bit of Fall home decor into a room without spending a fortune.

What is your favorite part of this DIY Thanksgiving place setting? Do you make any special Fall home decor crafts? Share your thoughts in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Put Together a Gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting”

  1. The place setting looks so nice! If I were to sit down on that table, I can definitely assume the food would be great! I’m saving this idea (even if I am not that crafty). I may not be able to copy it exactly but I will try my best!

  2. This is beautiful. I am not hosting this thanksgiving, but, i will be sharing this DIY idea with my sister so we can make them ahead of time

  3. Our kids love to make things for the holidays, decorating is the best part. This would be a great activity for them to make.

  4. I really like this kind of place setting, it’s festive and it’s just really beautiful! The start of the fall really makes me excited for all the Holidays that we’re going to be celebrating!

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