5 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids To Keep Them Busy


When you plan few Thanksgiving activities for kids, you are killing two birds with one stone. You keep them busy and entertained while you finish prepping and you get them into the spirit of the holiday. I find it is important that children and all the family members take part in these activities. It creates that special family bond. It also makes holidays special for all. Kids and older ones will be looking forward to those special moments. I came up with the following Thanksgiving activities for kids. You can adjust them, depending on the age group, number,

Here are some fun Thanksgiving activities for kids.

Make appreciation place cards

This is a great activity for the kids. Ensure that you have a list of names of everyone that will be in attendance for Thanksgiving dinner. Have the kids make a place card for each guest that is coming. On the front of the card, they can put the person’s name. On the back of the card, have them write one reason that they are thankful for that person being in their lives.

Let them serve the appetizers

Kids love to help out so put an apron on them and have them serve simple Thanksgiving appetizers. One great idea is to make something simple and easy that they can help make as well.

Idea: Take 12 bread sticks and wrap the top half of each one with prosciutto. Place them all on a plate, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve.

Play the Gratitude Grab Bag game

Ahead of time, take some plain index cards and write some that have the word ‘Thanksgiving’ on them. On the other cards, write down or paste pictures of things that your kids may be thankful for. These may be things like parents, siblings, pets, food, toys, movies, sports, etc. Put all the index cards into a paper bag and one at a time, have each child pull out a card. If the card says ‘Thanksgiving,’ they need to name someone or something they are thankful for like their favorite food, etc. If the card has words or a picture on it, they need to say why people should be thankful for that item. They can even make these cute Thanksgiving place cards.


Play the Bird, Insect or Fish game-

This a fast-thinking game and there are several versions of it, meaning you can use anything besides bird, insect or fish. You can use flower, animal, etc. One person is chosen as the leader. They choose one of the players and says either bird, insect or fish. The player that is chosen must name something that fits that category. They have 10 seconds to answer or they are out of the game. There can be no words repeated and the player left is the winner of the game. Want more ideas, read this Thanksgiving party games post. Everyone will have fun.

Break out the arts & crafts


There are so many fun Thanksgiving crafts ideas for kids to try that will keep them busy for hours! If you think ahead of time and save up all those empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, these DIY Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys are super cute! No empties? No worries! Send the kids outside (if it’s nice enough) for a pine cone hunt. When they come back, they can make this adorable Pine Cone Turkey Craft!

So you say you live in the city and have no pine cones, AND no toilet paper rolls, AND you’re not really into turkeys? My friends, we STILL have you covered! Check out these 8 totally turkey-free Thanksgiving crafts for kids!

Which one of these Thanksgiving activities for kids you would like to try? Tell me.






20 thoughts on “5 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids To Keep Them Busy”

  1. Well I am too lazy to host anything that involves more than 2 persons. YUP I am not ashamed to admit it…LOL…I am going to be staying right at home doing absolutely nothing…Great ideas for those who are so inclined

  2. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and had a ball. My granddaughter is too young to participate in such activities but for sure next year we could try at least one.

  3. Great activities for kids! Simple and easy to make. Thanksgiving is a time for family, however, we should teach our kids that thanksgiving is not a once a year practice. We should do this everyday – to give thanks because we are truly blessed.

  4. I love the ideas especially the name cards and the arts and crafts. It’s important to let the kids understand what Thanksgiving is all about.

  5. These are great ideas! One thing we like to do in the month of November is cut out paper leaves and write down what we are grateful for with the kids. I think it helps them to understand “graditude” better. They are 3 and 6 so they have a long way to go in this area, but I really like teaching them this. These are awesome craft ideas you have listed here!

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