3 Reasons to Stock Up on Wet Ones® Hand Wipes for Your Summer Activities + Summer Fun Giveaway

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Summertime is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited! We love to fill our day with fun family activities! From playing outside in the park to enjoying an ice-cream treat together, we’re always on the go. As you can imagine, we encounter more than a few messes along the way! No worries, though! I stock my purse, travel bag and car with Wet Ones® Hand Wipes. They’re never far from my reach! Read on for how they come in handy during our favorite summer activities, plus check out an amazing Wet Ones® Summer Fun Giveaway!

3 Reasons We Stock Up on Wet Ones® Hand Wipes  for Our Summer Activities

Cleaning up messy playground hands

Homework for the school year is over, so we’ve been spending our time after school at the park and playing in the back yard. My son particularly likes to challenge me to a foot race around the park, playground, or backyard. With all this running and jumping we’ve experienced dirty hands, especially if we go after a rainstorm!  I like to keep a pack of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes Singles in the diaper bag or my purse to clean up those muddy fingers so my car doesn’t get covered in dirty hand prints on the way home!


Avoiding melty messy meltdowns

After the park the kids are hungry and it’s treat time. Since it’s hot outside you know they want ice cream and popsicles on the way home. There is no better treat after playing outside for a couple hours. While my children love getting messy on the playground, they do not like getting messy with food. In fact, you can count on a meltdown of epic proportions if their ice cream cone is dripping through their napkin and getting their hands sticky.

When this happens I just open the middle console in my car and pass back the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes Canister so that they can clean their hands. I like to keep a larger container in the car. The travel size is great for putting in a bag, but the car tends to be the place where you just need more.

Road Trip Cleanup

As we plan our summer road trip we’re looking for ways to keep the car clean, organized, and spacious. My favorite way to make road trips peaceful is to pack an activity bag for each kid. We’ve tried storing the activities in many different ways, but the most effective for us is to pack a small backpack for each child. We fill it with books, coloring books, fidget toys (fidgets are so important), comfort items, a few new dollar toys, drinks, and a few healthy snacks. I also add a travel pack of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to each backpack.

I think older children will really appreciate this so that they don’t have to ask mom or dad to pass them a wipe after their snacks. As my kids get older they are more likely to just lick their fingers than ask me to pass them a wipe, so having their own pack in their activity bag is a win-win in my book.


I am pretty sure I am going to need to buy a dozen Wet Ones® Hand Wipes travel packs for all our summer activities, especially our big family road trip! Not only will we use them throughout the 66-hour drive, but also at restaurants, amusements parks, and of course, public bathrooms. Gas stations and amusement park restrooms are the worst, and while the thought of germs doesn’t make me squirm, some of those bathrooms do. It’s just a peace of mind you can only get when using America’s #1 hand wipe*. I know I won’t feel the frustration of dodging my children’s germ ridden hands after leaving a bathroom that only had watered down soap. Why? Because these wipes kill 99.99% of germs.

There are many situations where I am thankful for Wet Ones® Hand Wipes and many others where I find myself wishing I had one. They really are an everyday essential to keep on hand while on the go, or anywhere. Need more inspiration? Check out 99 Reasons Why It’s Always the Season for Wet Ones®!

There are many situations where I was thankful for a Wet Ones® Hand Wipes and many others where I find my wishing I had one. They really are an everyday essential to keep on hand while on the go, or anywhere. Need more inspiration? Check out 99 Reasons Why It’s Always the Season for Wet Ones®!

Wet Ones® Summer Fun Giveaway

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Tell us below, how do you use Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to keep clean during your summertime family activities?



*#1 claim based on scan data for 52 weeks ending 1/28/17

23 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Stock Up on Wet Ones® Hand Wipes for Your Summer Activities + Summer Fun Giveaway”

  1. It’s great to be reminded of the multiple uses for every day products we all have in our homes. This was a great reminder for me us them for other things.

  2. I have Wet Ones in both of my vehicles and in all bags that I carry. Can’t leave the house without them! Plus my kids love knowing they don’t have to stay sticky or dirty until we get somewhere with water. One of my fav “mom” products.

  3. Travel Blogger

    We can’t go anywhere without wet ones especially in the summer. With all the sticky treats and sweaty, sandy afternoons we wouldn’t survive without them.

  4. I love Wet Ones! We have a bunch of these around the house because it does a great job cleaning up messes. I plan to grab a travel pack and leave inside my purse.

  5. Stephanie Pass

    I always keep a stock of Wet Ones in the car. My kids are always getting messy or sticky and they do a great job of cleaning them right up.

  6. Kristi Nelson Renner

    We bring them along in the car, especially on road trips and camping. Keeps our stops to a minimum.

  7. Jennifer Van Huss

    I don’t leave home without wet wipes!! My kids are older now and technically don’t use them any more but they come in handy in so many situations! They are a MUST

  8. No kids in my house, but I enjoy the convenience of wet wipes, they are great when you spill coffee in the car, or you need to touch a shopping cart and the store is out of wipes. I’ve also used them to get stains out of shirts in an emergency.

  9. Kelly Hutchinson

    We always have Wet Ones on hand when we take a road trip. Even as teens, my kids can still make such a mess!

  10. Catherine Sargent

    These are all great reasons to keep Wet Ones on hand. My son is grown, but I still keep some in the car. You never know when something might spill.

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