5 Essential Tips to Rescue Your Barbecue Grill and Tools (giveaway)

We partnered with Kingsford to bring you these tips to rescue your barbecue grill and tools! All opinions are our own.

We’ve got all the tips you need to rescue your barbecue grill and tools! See what I’m doing to make sure my BBQs are fondly remembered for great food and fun every time!

Ah, barbecue season! It’s my favorite time of the year! Food cooked outside on the grill under a sunny sky just tastes more delicious, don’t you think? When you barbecue, you’re not just making food, you’re making memories! Unfortunately, a dirty grill and grungy tools don’t quite make the memories you’re hoping for! Don’t worry, we’ve got all the tips you need to rescue your barbecue grill and tools! See what I’m doing to make sure my BBQs are fondly remembered for great food and fun every time!

5 Tips to Rescue Your Barbecue 

1. Get your grill sparkling clean with the Kingsford GrillMate Grill Cleaner

First things first: if you want to have an epic BBQ, you need a clean grill! Believe me, nothing tastes worse than burgers cooked on last year’s grease and grime. The Kingsford GrillMate Grill Cleaner not only makes it super simple to quickly clean your grill, it’s with replaceable cleaning pads instead of bristles, so you don’t run the risk of leaving little bits of metal behind.

Burned the burgers? No problem! The pads on the Kingsford GrillMate Grill Cleaner get between the grates to really get up all that gunk, and the built-in scraper helps you remove burnt-on meat food even after your grill has cooled down. It even comes with a handy bottle opener on the handle! Best of all, with a list price of $14.99, it’s super affordable. It’s only available on Amazon, so head over there to grab one to rescue your barbecue!



2. Don’t forget to clean under the hood

As you’re getting your grill in tip-top shape for the first big BBQ of the season, don’t forget to check under the hood! What goes up doesn’t always come down. Sometimes, it gets stuck on the inside of your grill’s lid! Not only does this have the potential to ruin the perfect juicy burger when it gets un-stuck and falls on your food, it’s also a fire hazard! Check your grill’s manual for how to clean under the hood.

3. Prevent streaks on stainless steel grills

While stainless steel grills look gorgeous as the sun glints off their surfaces, they are a little more challenging to clean than the name implies! Use warm water and a soft rag to give the exterior a good cleaning, but make sure you go in the direction of the finish, so you don’t end up with ugly streaks! While the warm water is often enough for most surface dirt, you can use a gentle soapy water mixture for those more stubborn spots.

4. Clean it up, don’t burn it off!

If you’re tempted to just close the lid and let leftover food bits burn away, don’t. First, you really shouldn’t leave a hot grill unattended. Second, this doesn’t actually get your grill clean! Instead, grab your Kingsford GrillMate and give your grill a quick cleaning right away.

5. Hand-wash your grilling tools

It might seem easier to throw your grilling tools into the dishwasher and walk away, but you’re actually better off just washing them by hand. I have hard water, so my dishwasher tends to leave ugly streaks all over my metal tools. Even if you have the world’s most advanced dishwasher, it can still leave your BBQ tools looking less than squeaky clean.

At the start of the season, and before each BBQ night, give your tools a good washing in plain old dish soap and water. For really stuck-on bits, let your tools soak for a while, then scrub with an SOS sponge. On grilling day, HGTV recommends using a towel soaked in white distilled vinegar to wipe down the tools after each use. You can also keep a pot of boiling water handy to soak them in to help get rid of bacteria from raw meat.


Now that you have your grill ready to go, head over to Pretty Opinionated for tips on how to get the rest of your outdoors ready for spring and summer! With a little planning before the start of BBQ season and some quick maintenance throughout, your grill will be ready to serve up plenty of happy memories all season long! Remember to grab your Kingsford GrillMate Grill Cleaner on Amazon! Like them on Facebook for fabulous BBQ tips!


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What do you do to get your grill ready for BBQ season? Tell us below!


49 thoughts on “5 Essential Tips to Rescue Your Barbecue Grill and Tools (giveaway)”

  1. Even though we live in 4 seasons northeast Wisconsin, our grill is in use all year long. We scrub it down before each use, and usually give it a full thorough cleaning at least once or twice a year.

  2. I am so excited that it is grilling season! We grill most of the summer and our poor grill gets a lot of use!

  3. I just moved out of an apartment where I couldn’t grill and into a new home this past summer…Just bought a grill at half price price at the end of summer and all I need to do is take it out of the box and put it together.

  4. We take our grill out of the garage, where it’s been stored for the winter, and put it on our back deck. I go to the Farmers Market for meats & veggies…and hubby cleans the grill!

  5. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I don’t do the grilling, but my husband and/or my son-in-law would love to have this Kingsford GrillMate Grill Cleaner–because they use the grill often.

  6. I can’t wait for grilling season. We don’t do anything special to get the grill ready except clean the rack prior to cooking.

  7. My husband does all the grilling and he would love one of these. He is always looking for new grill equipment so we will be checking these out in store. We grill almost all year so we don’t really have to get ready for grill season, we try to stay ready – lol

  8. One of the things that we make sure we do is to clean the grill after we use it. With the right tools, the job is so much easier! I think these tools are a must have.

  9. Marceline Dementori

    Great tips for taking good care of your grill this season. I think those cleaning tools are a must have. I love how easy they are to use as well.

  10. Marceline Dementori

    Great tips for taking good care of your grill this season. I think those cleaning tools sre a must have. I love how easy they are to use as well.

  11. Tasheena N. Womack

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway. I have to look into getting the Kingsford GrillMate Grill Cleaner. It looks really durable.

  12. We clean our bbq tools after each use. We do have a giant grill cleaning brush that my hubby uses but I don’t think we have anything like this tool, the edges look interesting.

  13. I am so happy to see a grilling recipe. That means summer is coming and I am excited about it. I cannot wait to feel the heat of the summer sun as I sit by the pool. I love grilling food.

  14. Cleaning your grill is really important especially if you’re going to use it often during the Spring and Summer seasons. I think these tips are really going to help!

  15. These look great. I do need to clean the grill. It is SO gross right now. It’s been a while since we’ve grilled. I’ll be entering the giveaway!

  16. Time to get out and clean up the grill before using probably this weekend. Grill mates are great cleaners and make the job much easier.

  17. My grill is in desperate need of a great cleaning. All that gunk is SO hard to get off. I will try this cleaner.

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