5 Of The Best Fourth Of July Crafts To Start Your Holiday With A Bang

Whether you’re trying to get excited about fireworks, or want a craft to keep through the years, I've got awesome Fourth of July crafts. Click to see now!

There was a loud kaboom sound, followed by oohs and sparkle. We’re not watching the fireworks yet! I’m checking out some fabulous Fourth of July crafts you can do with your kids. Whether you’re trying to get them excited about the fireworks (even the little kiddos, eep!) or want to make a craft, you can hang up year after year I’ve found some super cute ideas. Check out my favorite Fourth of July crafts below to make before you light your last sparkler. See below!

5 Of The Best Fourth Of July, Crafts To Start Your Holiday With A Bang

Glow In The Dark Straw Fireworks


Make some fireworks that light up the night! This super simple Glow In The Dark Straw Fireworks craft is the perfect quick and easy lemon squeezy kind of craft for those of us looking for something simple. Sometimes I want something on deck that we can put together fast and without tons of prep work. My kiddo was especially excited that the fireworks glowed in the dark, so make sure to include that step because it makes it wicked cool.

DIY Confetti Poppers


Via Happiness Is Homemade

Ohh, these are super cute. Check out these DIY Confetti Poppers, which are perfect for an outdoor celebration. I think these poppers will be so much fun for the kids to make, especially in the backyard during our annual 4th of July BBQ! I know they’ll love shooting off all the paper. In fact, I bet the adults will be laughing popping these poppers. Super fun!

Patriotic Paper Tube Rocket Craft


What kind of crafts comes to your mind when you think of the Fourth of July? Fireworks are on my list though a little risky to set off the real thing with little ones around. This Patriotic Paper Tube Rocket Craft is an excellent way to get your kids ready for all of the Red, White, and Boom. My kiddo was terrified of real live fireworks last year so I’m trying everything I can think of to get her excited and try again this year. Plus with all of our family coming in and out of town for the summer holiday, we always have a few extra paper towel rolls around our house. Double win!

Fourth Of July Paint Stir Stick Flags


Via The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide

Here is a craft you are going to want to save year after year! Check out these adorable wooden Fourth Of July Paint Stir Stick Flags craft you can make.What I like most about this craft is they made it almost entirely out of those free stir sticks from the paint section at the hardware store. Let’s face it, many of us are already at the hardware store often! Ask for a couple of extra sticks the next time so you can make this cute flag. I would hang onto this craft long after the kiddos are grown. Awww…

Patriotic Mobile


This sweet craft is sure to get lots of oooh and ahh from your family. This adorable Patriotic Mobile is super easy to make, just create red and white handprints and footprints to hang up. When they are dry, hang them up for a festive decoration. I would add a little glitter glue when I was done making handprints with the kiddos because everything is better with glitter glue. Not regular old glitter, glitter glue plays much more nicely with my rug.

Is your child as terrified of real fireworks as mine is? Will you make one of these fun Fourth of July crafts with your kids? Tell me in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “5 Of The Best Fourth Of July Crafts To Start Your Holiday With A Bang”

  1. My kids would love making any and all of these crafts. So much fun to be had with all of them. My favorite idea has to be the Patriotic Rockets though!

  2. I’d hold onto it long after they were grown too. :) I have to get busy making our crafts, the day is almost here!

  3. I didn’t realize how close the 4th is! I need to get crafting with my girls. These are great suggestions. I bet my kids would love those confetti poppers!

  4. Those are so fun! I can’t believe it’s already the 4th of July. I haven’t put out any of my patriotic decor yet, but these crafts will certainly inspire me to bring a little red, white, and blue fun home.

  5. These are some wonderful craft ideas that look so beautiful & creative. I love that Fireworks & that DIY Confetti Poppers so much among these. My kids would love trying out such crafts at home.

  6. I really like the DIY confetti poppers. It’s so much fun to do arts and crafts with the kids during special holidays! These are all super fun ideas!

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