Give Mom a Gift that Helps Other Moms Around the World #worldvisiongifts


This Mother's Day, give mom a gift that makes feel really good: the gift of helping other moms through The World Vision Canada Mother's Day Gift Guide.

As Mother’s Day World Vision Canada bloggers this year, we are happy to share the vision they have to celebrate the special women in our lives who helped raise us.  The World Vision Canada Mother’s Day Gift Guide is a perfect place to find something unique for mom, while giving back to moms around the world.

As a mother, I work daily to teach my sons that giving back to others is much more rewarding than receiving a gift.  This year, World Vision Canada gives me a chance to show them in action how that can be done.  Instead of giving me a fancy dinner, gift or piece of jewelry as might be common place on this special day, they can take their money and give to a mom in need in another area of the world.  Just because a mother isn’t well off doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be recognized.

World Vision Canada Mother’s Day Gift Guide

When my youngest son was a toddler, I was a single mother facing eviction.  The year that happened, Mother’s Day was spent looking for work and wondering how I was going to keep my utilities paid for the next month.  As a mom who has struggled to make ends meet, I understand how much even a small package of items can mean.  To me, during that time a basket of groceries, beauty products or laundry detergent would have meant far more than an expensive piece of jewelry.  This year, as I look at what I want to teach my sons about giving back, I can imagine giving a package of items to another mom who is in need being tops on my list.  I want my sons to recognize the needs of others before they see their own desires.

This Mother's Day, give mom a gift that makes feel really good: the gift of helping other moms through The World Vision Canada Mother's Day Gift Guide.

As a small business owner, one of the gifts in the World Vision Mother’s Day Gift Catalogue that caught my eye was the chance to gift $100 to help a mom Start A Business.  The fact that someone did something similar for me 5 years ago is why I am here today as a successful blogger, author and virtual assistant.  I was gifted a laptop and Internet by a friend so I could take my words and put them out there for others to read.  In the process, that person gave me the gift of a small business that would support myself and my family.

Another great choice is the Two Hens and a Rooster gift that would help not only feed a family with up to 150 eggs a year, but provide a source of income should they sell some of those eggs. For some families, this could mean the difference between food on the table or not for their kids this year.

If you want a gift that actually doubles in value, the Healthy Mom and Baby Package is a fantastic choice too! The Canadian government will donate when you gift this package. The package comes with necessities like prenatal vitamins, delivery kits and other items to protect pregnant moms and ensure healthy babies.

As a mother, I want to teach my children that giving to others who are in need is truly the most rewarding thing we can learn to do. Whether it is gifting another mom something great from the World Vision Canada Mother’s Day  Gift Guide this year, or helping a mother in their own community. All gifts come with a free greeting card that you can have mailed directly to mom. You can also have it mailed to yourself so you can give it to her personally.

What World Vision Canada Mother’s Day Gift Guide gift would you love to give to a mom in need? Tell us in the comments!

Disclosure: I am a World Vision Canada Mom working with Thrifty Mom Media to tell this story, and as such I am compensated.  My opinion is all my own.

13 thoughts on “Give Mom a Gift that Helps Other Moms Around the World #worldvisiongifts”

  1. What a wonderful organization to be a part of! I love being able to feel good about a purchase that helps others!

  2. I have worked with World Vision before, and just love how much they do to help people get a leg up with the donations. It’s amazing how far the gift of a goat or a chicken goes!

  3. There are beautiful pieces of jewelry within their catalog. I love a group that gives back to those who work hard and need it the most.

  4. Wow this sounds amazing. I don’t have anyone to buy for but will have to check it out anyway to help! Love The Babywearing photo!

  5. The Two Hens and a Rooster package sounds really good. I would definitely gift that to a mom in need.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    How amazing. It sounds like if we all ordered from there, we would be helping a lot of people!

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