5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dazzling Mom with Gifts from Kay Jewelers #MomIs

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Can you describe your mom in just one word? It’s hard, right? Moms are so many things. Our role models, protectors, cheerleaders. Our sounding boards, our advisors. How do you narrow down so many attributes into one word? Then it hit me. One word that encompasses everything a mom is. Dazzling. Moms are dazzling. What better way to celebrate a dazzling mom than with a dazzling jewelry gift from Kay Jewelers? I’ll share a few of my favorite in a minute, but first, let me tell you why I picked that word.

Mom is Dazzling

If you look up the word dazzling, one of the definitions is “extremely impressive, beautiful, or skillful.” Take a look at the synonyms and you’ll see why I picked this word. Among them are: impressive, remarkable, extraordinary, exceptional, incredible, phenomenal, magnificent, out of this world. Words that definitely describe my mom. As a single mom, my mother did an incredibly impressive job raising me and my brother. She didn’t do it entirely alone. My grandparents and aunts all played a role, but even that makes her dazzling because it takes an extraordinary woman to know when to ask for help.

My mom (left) as the maid of honor in my aunt Donna’s wedding.

My mom did many dazzling things as a parent, but one thing, in particular, helped shape me and my brother into the people we are today. She had an out of this world ability to allow us to think for ourselves, even when that meant accepting that we didn’t think the same way she did. Whether we were changing our eating habits to reflect our beliefs or changing our beliefs entirely away from what she was raised with, she didn’t bat an eye, judge, or tell us that we were wrong. She allowed us to form our own opinions and grow as individuals. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without that magnificent freedom. I wouldn’t be the mom I am today without it, either!

My mom holding her grandson, my son, Jacob.

5 Mother’s Day Gifts from Kay Jewelers That Are as Dazzling as Mom

No matter what word you use to describe what mom is to you, Kay Jewelers has the perfect gift to make this a Mother’s Day she will never forget with a huge selection and something for every budget. From fashionable bolos to elegant earrings,  versatile bracelets to incredibly unique necklaces, you’ll find something that reflects her personality! Check out a few of my favorites!


Blue & White Sapphires Sterling Silver Ring


How beautiful are those sapphires? They are certainly eye-catching and sure to impress any trendy mom.

Bolo Bracelet with Black Diamonds



I love the combination of the black diamonds set against the sterling silver! The bolo clasp adjusts up to 9″.

Heartbeat Necklace


This one is my absolute favorite! It’s so unique, and perfect for every mom.

Ever Us Heart Necklace


This pendant stood out to me because the rose gold forms the infinity symbol. It’s not overwhelming, but it certainly makes a stunning statement. The Ever Us collection features two diamonds in each piece – one representing the gifters true love and the other their best friend – making it perfect for any husband looking for a meaningful and romantic Mother’s Day present.

Earring Climbers


Earring climbers are a huge trend right now for a good reason. They’re stylish, classy and versatile. Wear them down as a dangler or up as a climber! Kay Jewelers even put together a video to show you how to wear them.

These are just a few of my favorite jewelry gifts from Kay. They have so many more extraordinary pieces for your dazzling mom! Be sure to check them out and really explore to see what catches your eye!

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Check out Kay.com.

Can you describe your mom in one word? What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas from Kay Jewelers? Tell us below!


14 thoughts on “5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dazzling Mom with Gifts from Kay Jewelers #MomIs”

  1. wow, those are beautiful! i’m seeing my mom in a couple of weeks and bringing her gift with. i may have to get one of these options.

  2. These jewelry pieces are stunning! I love jewelry gifts during Mother’s Day. Such a perfect gift idea!

  3. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy

    Your mom and your aunt look just alike! I really, really want those earring climbers! A friend of mine has a pair and she loves them!

  4. Every awesome mom deserves a special piece of jewelry and these are all gorgeous! That heartbeat necklace is too unique to pass up.

  5. Every special mom deserves a special piece of jewelry and these are all gorgeous! That heartbeat necklace is too unique to pass up.

  6. Ooh, you could really treat her with some spectacular jewelry. I like the rose gold in the EverUs heart necklace design. It’s super pretty.

  7. Kelly Hutchinson

    So many beautiful pieces to choose from. I would just love the Lab-Created Blue & White Sapphires Sterling Silver Ring. Sapphires are my favorite stone.

  8. rachelferrucci

    I love Kay’s Jewelers! My husband just bought me a beautiful necklace but you can’t have too much jewelry! I love it all

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