Say “I Love You, Mom” with a Charming DIY Pink Lollipop Craft!


Looking for a simple yet beautiful Mother’s Day craft idea for kids and adults? This pink lollipop paper plate craft is lovely and super versatile! Use it to brighten up a potted plant, write a sweet Mother’s Day quote on the back and use it as a card, or just give it as is! I love receiving handmade Mother’s Day gifts; I treasure them forever. While this craft is easy enough for older children to do on their own, little ones will need more supervision and help. Let’s check out how to make this adorable Mother’s Day craft!

Mother’s Day Craft Idea: Pink Lollipop

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1. Paint your paper plate pink with your foam paintbrush and let drymothers-day-craft-idea-pink-lollipop
2. Once your plate is dry, paint a swirl with your white paint starting in the center and working your way out and let drymothers-day-craft-idea-pink-lollipop
3. Now Press the top of your paper straw together to make it flat and hot glue it to the bottom back of your paper plate
4. Tie a piece of 8″ inch ribbon in a bow and hot glue it to the top of your paper straw
5. (Optional step/not for small children/supervise step) if you’d like you can glue the front of a clear plastic bag to the front of your lollipop to help preserve it longer.


That’s it! Pretty easy Mother’s Day craft idea, right? You could even make a bouquet of lollipops by repeating the steps above using different paint colors. Here’s a fun spin on that idea: if your recipient mom has several children, make lollipops in the colors of their birthstone or birth month (example, emerald green for May, ruby red for July) for your bouquet and add a recent photo to the back of the lollipop.

Looking for more cute Mother’s Day craft ideas? Check out these fun crafts for kids to make for mom or this DIY painted glass bottle craft. The bottle craft goes along perfect with this pink lollipop craft.

Can you think of any other fun ways to use this Mother’s Day craft? Would you make a pink lollipop or go with another color? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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