5 Reasons Why Edible Arrangements Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet Is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift #EdibleCelebratesMom

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Still searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Well, you can stop because I found it for you! It’s the Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet from Edible Arrangements® and it’s everything you could possibly want in a gift.  Think about it: what are two things that go hand-in-hand with the holiday? Flowers and sweet treats, right? Well, the Swizzle Bouquet gives you the best of both! Check out five reasons why it’s the perfect gift for all the moms on your list!

Why the Edible Arrangements® Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet is Such a Cool Mother’s Day Gift Idea

First, let’s talk about all the amazing fruit and sweet treats included in this bouquet, shall we? It comes with:

  • Pineapple daisies
  • Semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries with Swizzle®
  • Fresh cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes
  • A Gourmet Belgian chocolate pop that reads “Happy Mother’s Day”
  • All assembled in a pretty, reusable container!

Now, let’s talk about why this particular Edible Arrangements® bouquet is such a cool Mother’s Day gift idea!

A healthier way to give a sweet treat


The Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet is definitely healthier than giving mom a box of chocolates. I love that it’s full of naturally sweet fruits that satisfy those cravings. It also has a few chocolate covered strawberries and the Gourmet Belgian Chocolate pop, so mom still gets her chocolate fix. That “Happy Mother’s Day” pop, by the way, is so rich and delicious, she can break off pieces and savor it over time. I like to take a bite, then eat a few of the cantaloupe pieces or the plain strawberries.

Two gifts in one!

I love the fact that the bouquet comes in such a pretty container because we are kind of container fanatics here! We’re always looking for cute ways to organize all the random stuff that seems to collect throughout the house, particularly in the kitchen. When mom is done devouring all that yummy fruit, she can rinse out the container and use it for everything from wrangling odds and ends to using it to hold picnic essentials during all those summer BBQs!

Incredibly versatile gift

While you could send it to mom to enjoy all to herself, the Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet is also perfect as a centerpiece at your brunch. When you’re done eating your main course, you have dessert right there, all ready to go! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of delicious fruit to go around! My mom lives with me, so we shared our bouquet. We split the chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite), then shared the other fruits with my son and husband.


Perfect for ALL the moms in your life!

The Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet isn’t just perfect for mom, it’s also great for grandmothers, aunts, and other special women in your life. When I was growing up, we celebrated Mother’s Day at my grandmother’s house. That way, I could be with my mom and she could be with hers. My aunt Donna also came, since she lived close to us at the time. Donna didn’t marry and start a family until she was in her late 30s. She was always a little down on Mother’s Day. She tried not to let it show because she wanted the day to be about my grandmother, but when I got a little older, she would confide in me. I always made a point to include her when I bought Mother’s Day gifts. After all, she played a major role in helping my single mom raise me.

Easy ordering & delivery, even for procrastinators

Ordering Mother’s Day gifts from Edible Arrangements® is fast & easy. Just pick your favorite arrangement, pick a size, then check out! They do the rest! If you are a procrastinator like me, don’t worry, they even deliver on Mother’s Day! If you do order early (by 5/11), you can save 20% off $65 with coupon code BLOG5174!


While I think the Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet is absolutely perfect, maybe you have something different in mind for mom? No worries, you’ll find plenty of other amazing options at Edible Arrangements®! For example, if mom prefers more strawberries, they have the Perfect for Mom Bouquet that is just brimming with plump, juicy berries! They also have beautiful gift sets that include balloons or adorable stuffed bears.

Visit Edible Arrangements now to order your perfect Mother’s Day gift! Remember, use code BLOG5174 at checkout to save 20% off $65!



29 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Edible Arrangements Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet Is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift #EdibleCelebratesMom”

  1. I can tell you know that if I got this in the mail for Mother’s Day I would be SO happy!!! Will never happen though lol Unless I send it to myself? Hmmm that’s a thought lol

  2. David Elliott

    This is a really cool gift and it is really pretty. I just wish all these gifts didn’t have cantaloupe in them. They always seem to and my mom is allergic. :-/

  3. Mary Fitzgerald Edwards

    This looks delicious. Healthy with some indulgent sweets. Love it. I already got my moms gift…but maybe I can hint to hubs to get this for me.

  4. Kelly Hutchinson

    Don’t you just love Edible Arrangements? They have such quality arrangements. When I worked in a hospital, patients families would send them to us often. I love me some chocolate dipped fruit!

  5. You know what this is a good idea. Flowers die and look pretty for a second but my mom could indulge in an edible arrangement and she has always wanted one.

  6. Christy Garrett

    I got an edible arrangement one year for my birthday. It was awesome. I have always wanted another one.

  7. redheadmomblog

    I love Edible Arrangements! This is such a pretty, fun, yummy way to celebrate those we love!

  8. Kindness In Demand

    I’m not a huge flower person so I love edible arrangements. My only complaint is that they are so expensive. I’m so happy you have discount code. I’m going to order my mom some!

  9. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    This would be an amazing mothers day gift! I know I would really appreciate and enjoy it, I’m sure other moms would too!

  10. What a fabulous gift idea! I have always wanted to receive (and devour) an Edible Arrangement. They always look so fun and , well, delicious. I would want one with A LOT of strawberries and pineapples.

  11. This is such an excellent gift idea.
    My husband received one of these from his work when he was out on sick leave.
    What a great and thoughtful touch we thought at the time.

  12. Michelle Kneece Waller

    I love sending (and receiving) Edible Arrangements. They are so delicious and look amazing.

  13. I’ve always been fascinated with Edible Arrangements! They are put together so nicely and I agree, they would make quite the original Mother’s Day present!

  14. Jennifer Van Huss

    What a great idea! Flowers are nice but I find they die to fast! This is a great way to celebrate Mother’s day with your kids!

  15. I love bouquets like this. I am a huge fan of fruit and would much rather get this than flowers any day of the week. So delicious.

  16. Edible arrangements are so awesome to give and receive. Everyone gets excited when one arrives and it doesn’t last long they are so good.

  17. I was just telling my husband about these edible arrangements. I was telling him how I’ve never had one before but they sure look yummy, in hopes that ya know? He would get the hint ;)

  18. I hadn’t even thought to get my mother an edible arrangement for Mother’s Day! She is always so hard to buy for, and this perfect!!! Thanks for the idea!

  19. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    You can never ever EVER go wrong with Edible Arrangements. I have actually put in a standing order for every holiday with my family. LOL

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