Make Mom a Unique DIY Mother’s Day Card from the Heart

Looking for a fun and unique DIY Mother’s Day card idea? Our “bag into card” craft is really easy for anyone to do. Kids can put one together for you or grandma, or you can add your own sophisticated flare to it for a card for your own mom. The great thing about this Mother’s Day card craft: chances are you already have all the supplies in your house. Let’s check out how to make this beautiful DIY Mother’s Day card.

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DIY Mother’s Day Card from the Heart


  • 1 Paper Lunch Bag
  • 2 sheets of plain white paper
  • 4 coordinating scrapbook papers
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pen


Step 1.) Fold the paper bag in half and set aside
Step 2.) Cut the plain white paper into 6, 3 x 3 inch squares
Step 3.) Cut scrapbook papers into 6, 4 x 4 squares
Step 4.) Cut two small rectangles of scrapbook paper that are 1 inch by 1/4 inch.
Step 5.) Write on, draw on and decorate the 6 pieces of white paper with Mother’s Day themed thoughts and pictures. (You can also glue  actual photos to the papers instead of or in addition to the notes.)
Step 6.) Glue the white papers onto the centers of the various patterned papers.
Step 7.) Decide which two papers will go inside the bag and glue a small rectangle to each one to use as a handle to pull it out of the bag.
TIP: These are the surprise gift elements of the card so place something fun inside like a “good for” coupon or a special picture for mom. You could even attach a gift card!
Step 8.) Slide those two papers inside the opening of the paper sack (that used to be the top of the bag)
Step 9.) Glue the remaining papers to each side of the paper bag.
You now have a unique and pretty Mother’s Day card for mom! If you don’t want to hand write messages (or for little ones who can’t really write well), you could print out some nice Mother’s Day quotes to put inside the card too.
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Do you have any favorite DIY Mother’s Day card ideas that you like to make? Tell us about it in the comments!

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