10 Amazing Mother’s Day Crafts to Make Right Now

Let kids make a meaningful gift that mom will treasure forever with these five easy Mother’s Day crafts! Check them out and make them right now!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, everyone wants to buy mom a special present to thank mom for being the person she is! If you have a young child or if you want to allow your child to create something for a special mom in his/her life, there are plenty of DIY crafts that can be completed at home. Not only are crafts fun and exciting for kids, they also allow children to create something from the heart! Here are five Mother’s Day crafts for kids that mom is sure to love.

1. Recycled and upcycled vases No one looks at a tin can or an empty mason jar and thinks that either can be re-used, but both of these items can be recycled and turned into beautiful flower planters! All you need to use to spruce them up is paint! Children can add stickers, washi tape, glitter and even ribbons to make the vase extra special to them.

2. Scrabble letter picture Scrabble letters can be used to spell all sorts of words, so use them to spell out adjectives to describe mom! The tiles can be painted to enhance their natural wood colors. Be sure to frame the tiles so that mom can enjoy all year long!

3. Modge Podge candle holders Who doesn’t like to burn candles? Whether it’s at dinner or in the bath, candles are a perfect gift. Purchase inexpensive candle holders and allow a child to use tissue paper and Modge Podge to decorate the glass! Cut out shapes, such as hearts and flowers or use stripes of different colored paper to create a design!

4. Fingerprint painting Fingerprints make for perfect petals! Paint a flower on a large canvas and then allow the child to use his/her fingers to create petals. Be sure to use colors that mom is sure to love! Add a message to the painting to make it personal and unique.

5. Succulent garden A succulent garden is the perfect gift for any mom, even those without a green thumb! Create a garden using any type of glass container. Be sure to add dirt and a little water as well as rocks and of course succulents! This low-maintenance gift will bring a smile to any mom’s face.

If these 5 ideas don’t get your creative juices flowing, check out a few more of our favorite Mother’s Day crafts that kids can make:

6- Luxurious Vanilla Lavender Bath Salt Recipe

Give mom the gift of relaxation with this easy DIY Vanilla lavender bath salts Mother's Day gift idea! It's easy to make yet so luxurious!

7- Make Mom a Unique DIY  Card from the Heart

Make mom a beautiful and unique DIY Mother's Day card from the heart using supplies you already have in your house. Check out how to make!

8- DIY Washi Tape Cuff Bracelet

Looking for an easy homemade Mother's Day gift ideas? This Washi Tape cuff bracelet is pretty yet takes just a few minutes to craft! Easy enough for kids!

9- DIY Mother’s Day Gift: A MOM Painted Canvas She’ll Love


10- Mother’s Day Craft for Kids: Make Your Own Beautiful Button Bouquet!

What is your favorite thing to receive for Mother’s Day? Do you have any favorite Mother’s Day crafts that you love to help your kids make? Share below!

6 thoughts on “10 Amazing Mother’s Day Crafts to Make Right Now”

  1. These are all so cute. My son is still kind of little to make stuff, but I can’t wait for when he start making his own Mother’s Day crafts. I love handmade gifts.

  2. Marceline Dementori

    It would be so much fun to prepare these for the kids and just let them have a go at the arts and crafts. All the ideas are perfect for mother’s day!

  3. Homemade gifts for Mother’s Day are the best and my littles are still small though my oldest is getting to the point where he can do some crafts with help. All of these ideas are great, especially the upcycled mason jar vases and the modpodge candle holders.

  4. Homemade crafts are my favorite gifts for mother’s day. I still have little ones (4 and almost 2) so they need some help, but with the proper guidance (cough cough…dad) they always pull through and make me something awesome. I am def. going to hint for a homemade flower vase as I have no where to put all of the little dandelion flowers they always pick me 😛

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