The Musical Toys for Your Toddler to Inspire Their Inner Beethoven


Toddlers love music and jamming to the beat. When my kids were younger, they used to play for hours with their musical toys. I know, I know, it can be sometimes nerve wrecking for our adult ears, but if we set some rules, you will both have lots of fun. To help you decide which musical toys for toddlers to choose for your future Beethoven, we gathered a fun list of toys! Here are some great musical toys for your toddler to inspire their inner Beethoven.

Musical Toys For Toddlers

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Juratoys Confetti Music Live Musical Set

juratoys music toy for toddler

Toddlers will love this Juratoys Confetti Music Live Musical Set. It allows them to jam out either by themselves or in a group. The musical set comes complete with a clapper, tambourine, symbols, trumpet, guitar, and harmonica. Your child will acquire an array of skills with this set including hand-eye coordination, listening, fine motor development and social.

Munchkin Mozart Music Cube

munchin mozart toddler musical toy

This music cube is so fun that you will want to play with too. The Munchkin Mozart Music Cube has colorful colors that toddlers will love pushing because when they do a masterpiece from Mozart plays. When the tempo plays, the lights of the cube will start moving along to the tune. The sides of the music cube let children add other instruments or take them out including the violin, harp, French horn, flute, and piano.

Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune Drum

little tikes musical toy for toddler

For some reason, drums seem to be a favorite with toddlers. This Little Tikes Tap-A-Tune Drum is brightly colored and lets kids tap into their creative side to create their own tunes. This drum can be used in two ways. First, it can be used as a regular drum with the accompanied drumsticks or kids can rub the sides of the drum to create washboard music tunes.

Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Guitar

sesame street guitar musical toy for toddler

Kids love Sesame Street but even more, kids love Elmo. With this Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Guitar, kids have three ways they can play with it. The free-play mode allows them to create their own tune, the play-along mode allows them to play along to a few songs and the color mode allows them to jam out with a variety of colors and sounds.

Which musical toys for toddlers would you consider for your artist? Let me know.


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