Just Say No to Sexy Halloween Costumes for Kids


Sexy Halloween costumes for kids? You have to be kidding me, right? When Olfa said “we should address this,” I thought “who on earth would think it’s appropriate in the first place?!?” Then I thought back to years ago, when my friend’s daughter’s friend (did you follow that) wore a sexy cheerleader costume at age 13. In fact, come to think of it, my boyfriend’s daughter wore a costume that was just “this” side of appropriate when she was 13. Turns out Olfa was right (don’t tell her that!). Sexy costumes for kids, especially young teen girls, is something that needs to be addressed.

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Kids: Just Say “NO”

Let’s start with one very important little fact, shall we? YOU are the boss of your kids. YOU get to tell them “no” when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. I do it every year when my son asks to be an evil clown. I just say “no way, kid!” Not because clowns are sexy, but because they scare the heebie jeebies out of me and he knows that. Very funny, Jacob, very funny. I’m what you would call a “permissive parent,” yet I draw the line at inappropriate costumes (or anything that scares me into hiding in a closet all night rocking back and forth).

Usually, I would give you a lovely bullet-point list on how to discuss with your child why sexy Halloween costumes for kids are inappropriate. This time, no bullet-point list is required. Plain and simple, sexy Halloween costumes for kids are not appropriate. If your child, like mine, needs more than “because I said so,” go ahead and scare the pants off them with stats about child predators and the issues with over-sexualization of children. They’re not going to hear you. They’re just going to hear “no.” That’s when you show them the really cool alternatives that I’ve come up with!

Alternatives to Sexy Halloween Costumes for Kids

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Since the biggest issues with sexy Halloween costumes for kids occurs during the teen years and among girls, I’ve focused more on alternatives for them. Part of the problem is that teen girls are often moving into adult clothing, which opens up a wide range of sexier costume fare. Check out my ideas for a compromise.

Tween Gypsy Costume

This cool Gypsy costume is totally tasteful yet still fun for girls of all ages. As a compromise, let her go a little overboard on the makeup for the evening, even if you usually ban bright red lipstick. Don’t forget to pile on the cute bangles and baubles! Just maybe throw on some tights, as the skirt is s tad short in some spots.
Midnight Huntress Tween Girls Costume

Problem: she comes across the super sexy Midnight Huntress costume in the women’s section, complete with 10-inch heels and thinks “Katniss.” Solution: the more appropriate Midnight Huntress Tween costume and an explanation that Katniss would never be caught dead wearing 10-inch heels because you can’t really survive the Hunger Games if you fall and break your neck the moment you step off the pressure plate!
Tween Red Riding Hood Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most popular costume themes for teen girls, with a ton of oddly sexy variations. While I don’t love the fishnet stockings on this Red Riding Hood costume, the rest of it is pretty tame. Swap out the stockings for opaque black tights and you’re good to go.
Tween Pandamonium Panda Costume

She wants to be a sexy panda bear (and oh my goodness, yes, they actually make sexy panda costumes). Why? Who knows. Teen trends were weird when we were young and they’re still a mystery today. Compromise with this totally adorable yet cool tween Panda costume instead!


Tween Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice in Wonderland is awesome, yet so many of the costumes do not represent the confused little girl who fell down a rabbit hole. Even when she was all grown up in the Johnny Depp version, Alice still dressed appropriately for a tea party. This Alice in Wonderland costume is a fair compromise, especially for older teens. I just wish it came with the cute stuffed white rabbit!

While I think these are all good compromises to sexy Halloween costumes for kids, I realize that all parents have different ideas of what constitutes “sexy.” If you think any of these are still inappropriate, I’d love to hear your reasons! Of course, you could just say “because I said so!”


18 thoughts on “Just Say No to Sexy Halloween Costumes for Kids”

  1. I really don’t like that they gear sexy things for teens in age type of clothing, but costumes is a struggle for sure. I think my daughter got it this year, that don’t even argue with me, she is not walking out that door is a far too grown up costume

  2. I agree, there are a lot of inappropriate styles for kids. I wish parents would just wake up and realize that it’s not wise.

  3. Some of these costumes aren’t that bad, the panda one is cute. I’ve seen some really inappropriate costumes on young girls, though!

  4. In all honesty I wouldn’t feel comfortable with most of theses costumes. Maybe parts of them with modifications though.

  5. I must say “no sexy Halloween costumes allowed”. Glad it’s too cold up here to go so bare! These are not bad really, but still too much for my liking. Kids need to be kids.

  6. It seems to get worse every year with the “sexy” costumes being worn by children. I don’t understand it at all. I don’t want people looking at my CHILD that way. Your ideas on making these costumes more age appropriate are great.

  7. Yes, I like the Katniss costume though. I wrote a post about this a long time ago too. Every year I see totally inappropriate costumes for girls. Makes me crazy! I am not ever sending my kid out trick or treating wearing hardly any clothes and kids should be sexy. They are kids. Even clothing styles for little girls are often completely wrong.

  8. good compromises for the costumes, but many adults start this balance when kids are so much younger with all the princess talk, unrealistic Barbie and Disney characters to look like with big, flutter eyes, flowing perfect hair, etc.

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