How To Throw The Best EVER Halloween Themed Birthday Party


So your kid’s birthday is near Halloween? You are in luck Mom because you can throw the best ever Halloween themed birthday party! Halloween is a really fun holiday and easily adapts to make a very memorable birthday party. Here are some of my favorite ideas for making your kid’s spooky celebration the BEST ever.

Tips for Throwing the Best Halloween Themed Birthday Party

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Costumes For Everyone!

To give your birthday party the full Halloween treatment, it starts with the costumes. One of the things that makes Halloween so much fun is that you can be anything you want to be. Right from the beginning of your invitation (or Facebook event if we have the same style J ) ask all guests to wear costumes. Most parents will be thrilled to have another opportunity for their child to wear the Elsa/Firefighter/Princess/Superhero costume they bought, and it sets the fun tone for the party.

If you are not sure if your crowd is feeling the costume theme, you can turn your favors into costumes that you give out as guests arrive. Cat ears, pumpkin headbands or witches hats instantly give your party a Halloween feel.

Entertainment Fun

How To Throw The Best EVER Halloween Themed Birthday Party

Party entertainment for a Halloween party practically plans itself! Have the kids paint decorate or carve pumpkins to take home. Decorating pumpkins is super easy for a crowd and the kids will have a blast. The pumpkins can start off as decor, and can go home as part of your loot bag. Face painters are fun, but a Halloween temporary tattoo station is also lots of fun and less expensive. Also look for fun seasonal Halloween crafts at the craft store or dollar store.

Decorations A-Plenty

How To Throw The Best EVER Halloween Themed Birthday Party

If your location is not already decked out with Halloween fun this is one place you can go a bit wild. Raid the local dollar store and pick up some of the amazing Halloween decorations to give you party a spooky feel. Pumpkins both carved or uncarved also give your party a fall feel. Cover your tables with tablecloths in lime green, orange or purple. Fake spider webs are one of my favorite decorations to add as it looks creepy and is inexpensive. Don’t forget a few bigger spooky decorations to add to the fun.

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Amazing Party Locations

A home party is tons of fun when Halloween themed, but not for everyone. When calling around birthday locations, many places will are already decorating for Halloween fun. Ask when you book if they have any decorations up for the season.

You also can look for locations that are little different for a memorable party. I recommend checking out seasonal attractions such as apple picking orchards, pumpkin picking patches, corn mazes and if your kids are older haunted houses. These seasonal locations provide the backdrop for a super fun party. I have gone apple picking for a birthday party and the kids had a blast. Add some Halloween elements and your party is no amazing.

Delicious and Creepy Food

How To Throw The Best EVER Halloween Themed Birthday Party


Food is another place you can get creative to keep your party fun and Halloween. Make sure to have lots of treats both savory munchies and sweet.. So serve up some Zombie Halloween Orange Brain alongside your this witch brew. You will love watching your guests squirm and laugh over this fun idea. Don’t forget to make these delicious orange Halloween cupcakes. Your guest will scream for more.

Halloween party food

Readers, what would you add for an amazing Halloween Themed Birthday  Party?

14 thoughts on “How To Throw The Best EVER Halloween Themed Birthday Party”

  1. I’m trying to plan my eleven year old grandsons birthday party his birthday is October 19 th,and I’m really stuck on things fun,scary and cheap for this,any ideas that would totally make his b-day,I appreciate it

  2. This looks like an awesome party. My brother and his wife had a Halloween Baby Shower and it was such a fun time for everyone. Halloween themed items add extra fun to any kind of party!

  3. One of my kiddos has an October birthday, it’s the 2nd but October none the less and I think this could be such a fun idea. Especially if we did it a bit later in the month. So fun

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Halloween birthday parties are so cool. I don’t know anyone with a late October birthday, but I wish I did – fun!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! You can use the ideas for a birthday party or a Halloween party. Either way, the designs are so awesome!

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