Orange Brains: Funny & Healthy Halloween Treat For Kids


Did I say  healthy Halloween snack for kids?  Yes I did and yes you can make this easy recipe for kids in less than 15 minutes. My daughter finishes school at 3 pm and I am always looking for fun ideas to do with her, things that will keep her away from the TV.  As soon as she comes in and eats her snack, we settle and try to do a fun activity together. It can be a fall craft for kids OR a fun recipe for kids. Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought we could make a funny and healthy Halloween snack for kids.

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This Healthy Halloween snack is perfect if you are planning a Halloween party for your kids. It can be also a great activity to do during that party.

Orange Brains: How to make this Healthy Halloween Snack for kids


  • 1 orange for each child.
  • A handful of berries. I used frozen berries but you can use fresh ones if you have on hand.
  • Some cupcake toppers.

Optional  Party Food Ideas

  • Clementines
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Some Spooky shooter cups. I got those from the Dollar Store.
  • Some nuts (if no kids are allergic).
  • Plastic mini Halloween pumpkins.

 Make it

Orange brain:

  • Wash the oranges.
  • Let the children draw a scary face on the orange. It is less mess than carving the eyes, mouth, etc.
  • Cut the top and scoop the inside of the oranges. The children can eat it or you can use it as a topper. I prefer eating it. This step should be done by an adult.
  • Wash the berries and give them to their children. Let them fill the orange with the berries. If children are not allergic, they can top them with some nuts too.

healthy-halloween-snack-recipe-for-kids-orange-brainsVoià. The orange brain is ready.

They can peel the clementine and top them with a cupcake topper, while others can fill in the shooters.


Now they can help you set up a table and the other snacks. They can fill the mini pumpkins with nuts.


That’s really all it takes to have an  awesome Halloween party table as well as delicious healthy Halloween snacks for kids.

What do you think of this easy recipe for kids? Do you have other ideas for a Healthy Halloween snack?

19 thoughts on “Orange Brains: Funny & Healthy Halloween Treat For Kids”

  1. These are such cute treats! I love that they are a healthy alternative to the sugary treats that prevail during this holiday season.

  2. I love the orange brains idea! They actually resemble brains without being too scary! And a huge plus on the healthy snacks!

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