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Looking for great Halloween savings on everything from costumes to home decor? is your one-stop shop for all the coolest and spookiest seasonal goodies right at your fingertips. I’ve always been a huge fan of shopping online. My area has way too much traffic and way too many people at times (especially on the weekends!), and there are days when I just don’t feel like braving the crowds. I love that I can still get all the same great everyday low prices on the things I really want without ever getting out of my pajamas. Check out a few things that I’m loving from for the Halloween season!

5 Great Halloween Finds at

Costumes for the whole family


While you’ll find a nice selection of Halloween costumes for the whole family in your local Walmart store, the online selection is even better. With a whopping 25 pages of ideas for everyone from the tiniest tots to the biggest kid at heart, even my picky son will be able to find something! He wants to go as a skeleton character from an indie game. While I’ll have to modify his costume to fit the character’s attributes a bit better, I was surprised to find this great “pixelated” looking skeleton costume that would work as a perfect starting point.

Personalized fun


Treat your home to a fun personalized door mat to welcome Trick or Treaters in style! My favorite is the “Welcome My Pretties” door mat. It’s so colorful and festive! You’ll also find other cute ideas, like pumpkins and spooky family welcome mats at tremendous savings vs. non-personalized mats at other stores.

Spooky decor



If personalized goodies aren’t your thing, no worries. There are pages upon pages of spooky fun home decor on You’ll find everything from huge inflatables to wall decals and more. I really love this Happy Harvest Fall Mesh Halloween Wreath. I think it would go perfect with a personalized doormat, don’t you agree?

Seasonal Style



As soon as October begins, I dig out all my favorite Halloween clothes to wear all month long. I mean, costumes are great, but you really only wear them one day! People would look at me a little funny if I walked around in my costume all month long, right? Since I love, love, love Halloween, I stock up on cute shirts! I definitely need some new ones though. I love this Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington shirt! It would fit perfectly into my collection.

Halloween entertainment for all ages


You can’t go through October without watching at least one scary movie or reading one spooky tale, right? Again, like with costumes, while your local Walmart does have a pretty decent selection of movies and books, you’ll find thousands more online. The selection of books for kids is just incredible. I highly recommend Llama, Llama Trick or Treat. All of the Llama Llama books are just such a pleasure to read. I memorized a few of them when my son was little! Of course, you’ll also find plenty of entertainment choices for older kids and adults as well.

These are just a few of the great Halloween savings you’ll find on! Like I said, there are literally thousands of items across every category. You can even pick you your Halloween candy while you’re shopping for other items online. It’s fast, convenient and easy to shop for all your spooktacular needs.

Have you found any great Halloween savings on Tell us about it in the comments!


39 thoughts on “Save on Halloween Fun for the Whole Family at”

  1. Reesa Lewandowski

    I have had my eye on that wreath this whole season. I am heading over to Walmart in a bit actually to try and finish up my halloween costume!

  2. I love Walmart!! There are so many great seasonal finds there and at such a great price! I love their holiday party stuff! I use to go to the dollar store for those things but since a Walmart opened nearby my apartment, it’s been my party supply go-to place!

  3. We found the perfect Elsa outfit for my daughter at Walmart this year! I was thinking I’d have to make my own to get it down to a reasonable price, and we found hers for under $15!!! Love all of the suggestions, and I totally agree. Walmart has some GREAT deals!

  4. I haven’t checked – but we were in walmart a couple weeks ago and all the kids bought their costumes. I was also surprised to see how much less expensive the candy was compared to what we usually spend!

  5. We just stopped by the store and grabbed the Llama Llama Trick or Treat Book! My youngest is all about books and he wanted a Halloween book more than a costume!

  6. We already got our costumes so I’m going to be going to walmart to grab some decorations. I can’t wait i LOVE getting my place all dolled up!

  7. We live a minute away from a Walmart and I was looking at the Halloween stuff yesterday. They have treat buckets for a $1 and I thought they’d be great for a fun craft or to cover our lamppost with.

  8. Our Walmart is a popular place! You have to be quick to get the best items or you lose out! Thanks for the heads up on these cutie items!

  9. Yes! I got lots of my Halloween party decorations and supplies at good ole’ Wally World. It’s the perfect place to pick up seasonal stuff that you don’t want to spend a fortune on.

  10. It’s awesome to be able to save on halloween decorations and candy! I’d love to check out all these stuff on Walmart! It’s definitely going to make life easier.

  11. What great deals! I don’t shop too much at Walmart, but I go when I know there’s a good deal – I’ll show my SIL this for the kids costumes this year!

  12. Heather Gallagher

    I do love Walmart – I have 3 sons and all of these holidays (like Halloween I mean) can really add up! It’s so nice to have Walmart there to give me some lower priced options!

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