Fun Family Halloween Movies That Kids Can Watch Too!

These Halloween movies that kids can watch are going to be favorites in your house this year! Halloween is often too scary for kids to watch the popular movies and shows. This list gives you something great your kids will enjoy, and so will you. Classics from your childhood along with modern movies make this list a perfect place to shop for some fun weekend movies for the weeks leading up to Halloween.

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Halloween Movies That Kids Can Watch 

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It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: This is the ultimate in Halloween movies that kids can watch. It’s a great carton that features all of your favorite Peanuts characters with a great moral of the story tale that everyone will love.

Casper: This is a classic movie featuring animated ghosts alongside our favorite live action characters. Casper is as always ,the friendly ghost that just wants to make friends. Very little is spooky in this film that has everyone excited to watch together.


The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad: This is a classic Disney movie that brings a fun tale of Sleepy Hollow to the screen. It’s a bit creepier than others, but still light enough that it won’t scare the young ones watching it in your house.

Hotel Transylvania: We loved this more recent Halloween movie that even has a sequel coming out this year. It’s a great fun family friendly movie that has a little suspense, a little kid friendly romance and mos of all the love of family.

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Monster House: This Halloween flick is better for your older kids since it is a bit scarier than some of the others on the list. A house that turns into a monster is definitely a great thriller for the whole family.


Hocus Pocus: You can’t go wrong with this hilarious and suspenseful movie all about the town of Salem and a family of witches brought to life and seeking fresh new lives in modern times. It’s a cute movie the whole family will enjoy watching together.

Curious George Halloween Boo Fest: For the youngest in your family, this is a great fun option. A safe and fun option for Halloween movies that won’t frighten but will be fun for your kids to watch.

These Halloween movies that kids can watch are perfect not just for your children but for the whole family. Plan a fun movie night in complete with popcorn, candy and sodas with this list!

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15 thoughts on “Fun Family Halloween Movies That Kids Can Watch Too!”

  1. Halloween movies. My kids loved the Halloween Town series. My Daughter still watches them every year when they come on TV

  2. We just put Hotel Transylvania in our que to watch over the weekend! My little guy wants to re-watch before the sequel comes out.

  3. I love these movies. This is one of my favorite things about Halloween. I always enjoy watching Hocus Pocus. That’s my favorite Halloween movie.

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