Fun Halloween Costumes For Your Baby Bump

Looking for fun ways to dress up your baby bump this year? Check out our favorite Halloween maternity costumes, from classy to hilarious!Here are some fabulous Fun Halloween Maternity Costumes For Your Baby Bump this year. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, these costumes will be fun and playful for you to wear. Show off your growing baby with pride while having fun at your next Halloween costume party!

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Fun Halloween Maternity Costumes For Your Baby Bump

Bun In The Oven

Bun in the Oven Maternity Costumes

 This cute costume makes you the oven with your baby bump he bun! It’s of course a fun play on the classic saying, “I’ve got a bun in the oven” when referring to your pregnancy. This is super versatile and great for any stage in pregnancy.

Happy Pumpkin Maternity Costume

happy pumpkin maternity costumes

 This is a cute and fun costume that can disguise or accentuate a baby bump depending on your preference. A happy smiling pumpkin is always welcome at Halloween.

Raggedy Ann Maternity Costume

Mommy To Be Ragdoll - Maternity Costumes

This mommy to be costume brings back fond memories of childhood and your favorite rag doll. Have fun with the cute red yarn wig, and knee socks to create a cute and fun reflection of your favorite childhood toy.

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Pirate Maternity Costume

Mommy To Be Pirate Queen - Maternity Costumes“Argh, Mateys!” This pirate costume is a fun spin on a classic look. With a bit of extra room for your baby bump, this becomes a great choice to wear no matter how far along you are. A fun Halloween costume for your baby bump like this one is super easy to create a them with your spouse. Dress the whole family up as pirates for a great family theme everyone will love.


Fairy Maternity Costume

Mommy To Be Fairy Costume - Maternity Costumes


This beautiful fairy costume is a great choice for any mom to be. With a lovely pink costume that flows and gives you plenty of room for your baby bump it is a great choice no matter what stage of pregnancy you are currently in.


Angel Maternity Costume

Mommy To Be Angel Costume - Maternity Costumes

 Everyone knows you are a perfect angel, and now you can wear the costume to prove it. This is a fun choice if you have a husband that will dress as the devil, or even if you just want to go alone as something angelic for Halloween to offer something a little less evil on the holiday.


These are some of our favorite fun Halloween costumes for your baby bump this year. With great costumes to accentuate and flatter your growing baby bump, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite holiday. Dress up like everyone else this year with one of these amazing fun maternity costumes.

Did you ever dress up while pregnant? What was your favorite Halloween maternity costume?

19 thoughts on “Fun Halloween Costumes For Your Baby Bump”

  1. These are all such cute ideas. I love the bun in the oven one. I wore an orange shirt with a pumpkin on it when I was pregnant 🙂

  2. These are really great maternity costumes. I love the oven costume. I am going to show this to my friend that is expecting.

  3. I did not dress up when I was pregnant but it can add some fun to your costume! These are great maternity costumes. Halloween is so fun, for the next several years I will be celebrating with my little girl!

  4. LOL i love all of these because of this i will need to get ready the costumes for Halloween, and i pass this to my preggy friends

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