Halloween Costumes for Adults that are Safe For Little Goblin Eyes

Fun & Stylish Halloween Costumes for Adults

Adult Halloween Costumes can be hard to find. Did you notice the word “adult” in that sentence? By adult I do not mean sultry, sexy, or under-dressed. Instead, we believe, adult costumes are costumes that are fitting for adults to wear anywhere – in the classroom, at family functions, while divining out candy on Halloween. They spark conversation and require you to be in character… after all, that is the best part of wearing a costume, isn’t it?

The costumes below will leave your Halloween party guests thinking YOU and YOUR COSTUME are awesome, instead of your bodily assets (smile). Take a look at the five men and five women selections Our Family World has made below.

Tasteful Halloween Costumes for Adults

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Adult Ghostbusters Costume

halloween-costumes-for-adults This funny Ghostbusters Costume for Men includes jumpsuit and inflatable backpack. The Ghostbuster Costume is available in size Adult Standard. Slimer Headpiece is also available. Talk about flashback to the 80s, right? Don’t you just love it?

Willy Wonka Costume

halloween-costumes-for-adults The Willy Wonka costume for men includes the coat with attached vest and collar and authentic Willy Wonka Top Hat. Scumpdiddleumptious! Speaking of Willy Wonka, which version of the movie is your favorite? The classic with Gene Wilder or the newer one with the ever-awesome Johnny Depp?

Peter Pan Adult Costume

halloween-costumes-for-adults Who said you have to grow up?  This fun costume lets you be young forever, at least at heart! The Adult Peter Pan Costume includes tunic, pant, belt and hat with feather. The Adult Peter Pan Costume fits men up to jacket size 46. The Adult Peter Pan Costume is an officially licensed Disney Costume.

Western Cowboy Gunfighter


This Adult Western Cowboy Gunfighter Costume made of polyester includes a long, black duster, striped double-breasted vest, dickey with attached cravat, hat and holsters. Pistols available separately for a complete look.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

halloween-costumes-for-adults This Adult and Teen Deluxe Captain Jack Sparrow costume includes the pirate costume shirt with attached vest, fabric sash, two belts with attached buckles, the pants and the pirate costume boot covers. Also included are the hat and bandanna with beaded braids. Sword sold separately. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.

Southern Belle Costume

halloween-costumes-for-adults The Super Deluxe Southern Belle Costume in White and Black features a dotted nylon parchment hat and matching gown with dotted bodice, tiered skirt, attached velvet belt and wire hoop, both trimmed with lace. You’ll be the “Belle” of the ball in this fun costume!

Miss Liberty Costume


Show off your love of country with this Miss Liberty Costume! You’ll be a beacon to all those who seek refuge…or fun! The costume includes the headpiece and robe.

Smurfette Costume


Bring on the nostalgia with one of my favorite Halloween costumes for adults! Does anyone remember when Smurfette was the only girl Smurf? This adult Smurfette Costume includes the blue and white top with the attached dress, blue pants and Smurf hat headpiece.

Princess Fiona Adult Costume

halloween-costumes-for-adults This adult Princess Fiona Costume includes the Princess Fiona headpiece and Princess Fiona costume dress. The Princess Fiona Costume is available in size Adult Standard. The tiara is smaller than pictured. The Princess Fiona Costume Wig is sold separately. This Princess Fiona costume is an officially licensed Shrek costume product. 100% Polyester. Exclusive of Trim. Hand wash. Cool water. Line dry. No Bleach. The green comes naturally!

Prairie Lady

halloween-costumes-for-adults Load up the wagons and head out West in this Prairie Lady Costume. Includes the gray zipper back dress with lace trim zips up back. Also includes bonnet and belt.

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Which of these Halloween costumes for adults is your favorite? I think they’re all too fun, so it’s hard to choose! 

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  1. Hurray! Really awesome costumes that aren’t revealing! Thank you so much for this post! It seems like every costume search I do is filled with overly revealing costumes that I’d be too embarrassed to wear alone in my bedroom let alone in front of strangers or children!

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