Halloween: A Complete Guide for All Your Spooktacular Needs

Halloween is such a fun time of year for kids and adults alike! While my son loves dressing up and begging for candy, I love all the Fall harvest festivals, pumpkin picking and spooky decorations. I even enjoy a haunted house tour every now and then…as long as I don’t have to go first or last in line!


At OurFamilyWorld, we love covering fun and informative Halloween topics! Take a look at our most popular Halloween posts. You’ll find everything you need, from costume suggestions to tips on how to keep the candy binging under control!

Decorating for Halloween

Love decorating for the season, but don’t want to put out a ton of money for costly store-bought decor? Take a look at a few fun and easy ways that you can create a spooky atmosphere without busting your budget!

Check out our tips for Halloween decorating on a budget! This is one of our most popular  posts this year. Learn how to use basic household or natural items to create a creepy atmosphere that your kids will love.


With this easy DIY paper bag pumpkin craft, you can make an entire field of pumpkins for under $5!


Make a Duck Tape Tombstone! With Duck Tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and a sharpie, you can create an entire cemetery of silly grave stones! Make one or dozens, it’s up to you!


Why not let your kids get involved in the decorating action? These 7 easy Halloween activity for kids will let your little ones create fun decorations that you can use throughout the house! We also share some fun seasonal games that kids can play!

More Halloween Decor Ideas:

Halloween Costume Ideas Galore

You can’t go Trick or Treating without dressing up! Whether you’re looking for thrifty DIY costumes or cute original costume ideas that really stand out in a crowd, we have you covered!

Take a look at 10 of cute cutest costumes for kids from babies to preteens. We especially love the baby section. Those costumes sure beat dressing your tot up as some type of vegetable! Hey, I can say that, my son was a chili pepper his first year! My friend’s daughter was corn!


Prefer to go the DIY route? Check out these fun thrifty Halloween costumes for everyone in the family! Most use items that you can find at home!


Halloween costumes don’t need to come from the costume section to work. This Go, Diego, Go backpack comes from the toy section and still makes the perfect accessory to an animal rescue worker costume!

More Costume Ideas:

Less Tricky Halloween Treats

Candy is part of the fun of Halloween for many kids, but loading up on it can contribute to childhood obesity. Take a look at a few fun healthier treats and ways to keep your kids safer while eating their sweet treats.


Before heading out for Trick or Treating, how about loading kids up on some healthy Halloween treats? If their bellies are full of good stuff, they won’t be hungry for so many sugary sweets.


If you want to treat your children without sending them out begging for candy, the Halloween Cookies are a great way to do it! Plus, they’re really fun to make together!


Once your kids come home with all those fun treats, it’s important to check over them to make sure they’re safe. Take a look at how to stay safe while eating sweets.


Whip up some fun treats with your kids with our Spooktacular Halloween cooking with kids guide! Whip up some mummy dogs, create spooky pasta and more!

Our Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Swirl Kisses Cheesecake Pie  isn’t exactly as low-cal as some of the other options, but it’s so rich and delicious, you just need a sliver to feel satisfied!

Tips for Tots to Teens


Little ones terrified of spooky stuff? Check out these tips to make Halloween less scary for children! They’ll be able to enjoy the holidays without sleeping with all the lights on for a year!


Trick or Treating is fun for the whole family! Check out these tips to make it fun for everyone from Tots to Teens!

 free Halloween party invitation printables!

Planning a party? Check out our free Halloween party invitation printables!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of Halloween tips, recipes and more! Please tell us if there is something you’d really like to see us cover this Autumn season!


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