Fun School Halloween Party Supplies & Pumpkin Toss Craft #DollarGeneral

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Fall is officially here and it’s time to start thinking about an awesome school Halloween party! When my son was in 1st grade, I was a classroom parent. I got to spend the day helping the kids play tons of fun games. Now, at his school, they call it a “Fall Party” rather than a Halloween one, but we all knew what it really was.


Whether you’re a classroom parent, member of the PTA, homeschooler or just a mom who wants to throw a fun Halloween party for kids, Dollar General has all your needs covered. As always, I went there with a general (pun intended) idea of what I wanted to do, then browsed their Halloween section to really finalize my plans.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Toss Game


Let’s start with a fun game, shall we? After all, you can’t have a school Halloween party without something to keep the kids busy! This game is incredibly easy to make. The fact that I made it should tell you that!

What you need:

  • A large cardboard box (I used a flat box that had an art print shipped in it)
  • Black poster board
  • Package of fake spider web material
  • A stuffed pumpkin
  • Box cutter
  • Black tape (like duct tape)

I got all of my supplies, except the cardboard box and box cutter, at Dollar General.

How to Make it:

  • Cut your box to fit the poster board, leaving a bit on the side to fold back and help it stand up.
  • Tape the poster board to the cardboard using the black tape.
  • Use the box cutter to cut holes. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect circles, no one is judging you here!
  • Stretch the web across the board to make it look spooky. Also, I went a little heavier on the places that I made mistakes! Shhh, no one has to know. Make sure you stretch the webbing around the holes so they’re not totally blocked.

To play the game, have the kids stand back and try to toss the little stuffed pumpkin through the holes. That’s pretty much it!

Fun school Halloween party supplies at Dollar General


A party isn’t a party without some fun themed supplies, right? I found some great items at Dollar General, including a really cute plastic tablecloth, some Halloween sticker treats to give out as prizes and little Halloween baskets for kids to keep their goodies in. The best part? Nothing that I bought cost more than $1 each.

Wondering why there are rolls of toilet paper? No, they’re not for TP-ing the principals office, although….no, that wouldn’t be a good idea, now would it? Use the rolls of toilet paper to let the kids wrap each other up like mummies! The catch? The wrapper has to be blindfolded!

Head to your local Dollar General and check out their Halloween section. You never know what kind of inspiration will strike!

What ideas do you have for a school Halloween party? Share them in the comments!


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31 thoughts on “Fun School Halloween Party Supplies & Pumpkin Toss Craft #DollarGeneral”

  1. Thanks for this great idea, I’m doing a kids Halloween party and this is right up my alley. something cheap and easy. lol

  2. Oh I love it. My little man’s school doesn’t do halloween but we sure do. And this year he is asking to have a Halloween Party at our house. This would be a great party game

  3. That is so cool and I’m always looking for ways to do things with the kids at Halloween. Will have to give this a try.

  4. Fun Halloween game! I am actually looking for fun Halloween themed decorations and party ideas and very much appreciate your post. I went to Dollar Tree but will be heading to Dollar General on your recommendation.

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